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Another Easter complaint...but with some valid points.

I have yet to use the baskets myself, but my unhderstanding of them is that the eggs given to your neighbors FROM your basket do NOT come from YOUR eggs. The basket creates the eggs that are given, and you get the eggs that were deposited. If I am wrong, I am quite sure that we will be made aware of it rather quickly...

Edit: I may have jumped the gun here...if you were not talking about losing eggs yourself...sorry.


  • EldarOfSuburbia
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    Re: putting eggs in baskets, it works best if you make arrangements with your neighbors.

    It's been explained before, but I'll try to lay it out again.

    You have 400 Blue Eggs. Go find a neighbor who has a (100)Blue->(50)Pink basket. Put 400 Blue Eggs in that basket to get 200 Pink Eggs back. Your neighbor gets your 400 Blue Eggs. Your 200 Pink Eggs appeared out of thin air!

    Your neighbor now goes to your town, and puts those 400 Blue Eggs into your own Blue->Pink basket. You get your 400 Blue Eggs back. Your neighbor gets 200 Pink Eggs out of thin air! By doing this exchange, you've created 400 Pink Eggs (200 each for you and your neighbor) out of nothing, and you still have your 400 Blue Eggs.

    Obviously that needs close collaboration with your neighbor (a friend, relative, or most likely, a second/extra account of your own).

    The thing I've found problematic so far is the scarcity of baskets.

    I was lucky enough to pop one up in my second town almost immediately.

    So far I've not had one in my main town. [Edit] Just checked, and I do have one now. It's not exactly obvious I've won one. I now have 2 in my second town.

    Given the transient nature of baskets, there's no way I'm spending donuts - 10 donuts for at most 400 eggs is a really shabby deal. Slightly better than the straight 15 donuts for 550 eggs, nowhere near as good as the higher-priced donuts-for-eggs purchases.
  • mr_skeltal_80
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  • madfish86
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    Unrelated to the topic but I love that chessboard landscape in your sig.
  • EldarOfSuburbia
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    madfish86 wrote:

    Unrelated to the topic but I love that chessboard landscape in your sig.

    There's a thread around here somewhere - probably buried now because it came before the Easter update - where a few of use were discussing chess boards. So I'm not the only one :-)
  • rymflaherty
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    It does seem like this is going to be near impossible to complete, but I'll give it some more time and see how things go before I get too frustrated...

    At this point the only real complaint I would have is with the whole Blue/Pink distribution. Specifically the unique prizes that come with each. No decision of my own I wound up Blue, but I would MUCH rather have the prizes from the Pink section.
    I'm kind of bummed that it was 50/50 random chance that makes it harder for me to get those other prizes.
    The prizes could have just been tiered, so there was the same primary prizes, secondary and then Gold no matter which color you started with.
  • uglyduck1ing
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    I started off pink but now seem to be blue. I don't know if this is because I swapped pink for blue today, but whatever.

    I LOVE the humming birds and dragonflies btw
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