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Kicked out of my town.



  • dave3490
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    NeoSEC28 wrote:
    I had this happen to me yesterday evening on my town, as soon as it happening i saw the donut spinning for what felt like an eternity so i shut the game down and re-loaded it, luckily nothing had happened or changed, but was a worrying few minutes :(

    Once this Easter event is over and i'm done giving EA grief about it, i'm planning on moving into this area of the game, and i will continue this complaint and anger about this until someone at EA actually gives us a reply that isn't copied and pasted, telling us to force stop/shut down device/uninstall and reinstall constantly. We shouldn't have to do that, EA are a big company, their security for games should be paramount and things like this shoudln't happen to any player :evil:

    Im afraid the Easter event woke up the angry side of me and this has become my way of life these past few weeks on here :evil:

    I was a nice guy once... you see what these big corporations do to people :lol::lol:
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