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My thought on future events and why EA has changed them

sad but true... I really dont see them making ammends for this Easter fiasco and for the next event I dont see them fixing it there either.


  • HQmer
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    Your plea for complaint threads to cease seem to counter your ideas that would lead to change. Do you expect that nobody would speak up if they pledge to not spend donuts on the event currency nor would everybody just silently abandon the game without voicing their displeasure first?
  • drosax1
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    Pezmaniac4 wrote:
    Don't expect that future events will be better (if anything they will be worse). Previous to the Christmas 2013 event (I will get to that soon), events were sort of Fan Appreciation events. EA gave us a simple task to keep us busy and visiting neighbors and in return we got free prizes. It was EA thanking us for playing the game. Starting with the Christmas 2013 event they have become revenue generators for EA. Not only that but they are getting worse. I found the Christmas 2013 event frustrating but easily done without purchasing anything (at one point I was getting 10-15 free spins a day). The Valentines 2014 event was similar but a little more difficult (still I completed it without purchase). At the beginning of this Easter event, I knew I wasn't completing it but expected to be able to do much better than I have done (8 ponds so far and blue is my uncommon color). Looking back at these three events the "need" for purchasing to complete the event has been ramped up each time.

    I believe this has to do with EA needing to find another revenue source. I am not sure how many new players they are getting each month but I would think it is decreasing. Also, the Premium players are at or are reaching max level. Once at max level, a player usually has all or most of the items available. This leaves the Premium player with nothing to purchase. For example, let's say you are a Premium player who was spending $40/month (I pick this amount because some will think it is way too high and others will think it's not enough) on the game. Once you have reached max level there is no reason to spend that money each month. You only need to spend when a new level is released. EA needs to replace your revenue some way. If new players are not joining and spending, then they need to find another way. EVENTS!!!! They give you something to buy. Now, they don't simply want to give you a building to purchase because that will be the end of the revenue. But selling a chance at a building means you may have to buy more.

    Two things need to happen for this model to change. Not either/or but both. From the complaints I see on the forum, neither is going to happen.

    1) Premium players must not purchase "event currency" (i.e. eggs). Preferably, they would boycott purchasing anything during these events. I still see people on the forum complaining about what they got from their truckload of gold eggs. Why are you still buying eggs???????????? Simply put, EA's strategy is working great.

    2) Premium players have to start leaving the game --- for good. Perhaps, EA will notice that when a new level is released they are not getting the revenue stream they once were. And, maybe, they will see that they have alienated their customers.

    We are not getting the "Fan Appreciation" events back. Companies simply do not go backwards once they find a new way to make money. We have to learn to deal with it. So next event can we try to keep the forum from being clogged with complaints about EA's greed and how the events used to be different. This is the game going forward. That is that.

    You make some good points however I did have a few points to make

    People are still going to be buying premium content regardless I'm going to keep buying new characters and buildings that comes out if they have tasks. There are also new players joining everyday and those not on the forums probably will buy event currency. The next event is going to be different from this one because they always are changing the events.
  • jedgeco
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    Has Bart ever owned a bear?

    Look, this game isn't going to go on forever. Even for a show with 20+ seasons, there's only so much to draw from, and the developers are pretty much scraping the bottom when Hugs Bunny—a character who appeared for 2 minutes of one episode in season 25 that even die-hard Simpsons fans have to Google to figure out who he is—is passed off as a super-premium item.

    Expect EA to make all attempts to monetize the game going forward.
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