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Post your last box prize or "prize."


  • jbr152
    35 posts
    edited May 2014
    Just got a pink box. Had a good feeling that I might finally get the Blocko Store. What do I get instead?

    Easter Gate.
  • redwings19746
    105 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    250 blue eggs, my common color, from the gold box :evil:
  • MissTink83
    14 posts
    edited May 2014
    Thanks to friend's egg swap, got two pink boxes. And got a tree and another fence.
  • jettsmom98
    46 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Just opened two pink (uncommon) got another umbrella on the first one and finally got the blocko store. Thanks to my neighbors for letting me drop all of my blue eggs and for filling my baskets.
  • NOVAwiz00
    40 posts
    edited May 2014
    Had 400gold eggs. Bought a scratcher so between that and the donuts I already had I bought 1700 gold eggs. I won pastel fence which gave me my 50 so 15 donuts. Then I won 250 pink eggs, next I won more pastel fence and then another 250 pink eggs. Spent my 500 pink only to win another cotton candy tree. I hate this event.

    I still need the egg guy, lizards, blocko store and the 2 characters in the gold box.
  • kayla-3123408
    13 posts
    edited May 2014
    Was fortunate today (thanks to my friends and random baskets that were in my inventory), so I managed to open 6 boxes today- 3 blue, 2 gold, 1 pink.

    Blue box:
    -Pond (ugh)
    -300 gold eggs (ok)
    -300 gold eggs (ok)

    Pink box:
    -100 gold eggs (ok)

    Gold box:
    -Kodos Topiary (meh)
    -Pastel fence (ughhhh)

    I want Johnny's! Father Sean or Sharri Bobbins would be great but I doubt that I'll ever get them now. Johnny's is probably going to elude me as well.
  • dzjaag
    30 posts
    edited May 2014
    Easter pond from the blue and easter gate from the gold box. Lucky me :D
  • mcduck90
    940 posts
    edited May 2014
    I’ve opened 2 pink boxes and I was due for a pile of Gold Eggs. Instaedad I got a tree and fences.

    I suspect they rigid the chances of getting gold eggs today in order to force us pay for them...

    Well too bad.
  • BeximusMaximus
    74 posts
    edited May 2014
    Last three:

    Banana Dictatorship
    300 Gold Eggs
    Pastel Fences

    Bit of a mixed bag there. Still have Egg Council Guy, Kang Topiary, Hugs Bunny and Shari Bobbins left, along with 8 more fences for donuts. Don't think I'll get anymore now tho.
  • jbr152
    35 posts
    edited May 2014
    Pink box- 200 gold eggs
    Gold box- Stopped on Father Sean then switched over to 200 pink eggs

    It's like a back and forth and I'm getting so annoyed!
  • jippy6048
    540 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    After dropping off pink (common) eggs to my neighbors I had enough to open 3 blue boxes.

    1st blue box: 300 more gold eggs... Yes! enough to open another gold box.

    2nd blue box: 3 more fences

    3rd blue box: egg pile (great, more of them)

    Gold box: 250 pink eggs :evil:

    Still no characters!!!!

  • stingray1122
    8717 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Fence :evil:
  • neuroheart
    8132 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    300 gold eggs that will probably go to waste since it's not enough for a box.
  • cjryder625
    1426 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Just got 300 gold eggs which gave me enough for a gold box and I won Hugs Bunny!! Just Sharri to go now. Still need 2 fences for 15 donuts.
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • mr_skeltal_80
    18104 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    Easter pond number 768.987.234
  • chud3
    143 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    sitting on 300 gold eggs and don't see how i'm going to get enough to open another box of any color. last item i got this morning was from a blue box - pile of eggs.

    still missing egg council guy, hugs bunny, kodos topiary, bunny, and shary bobbins.
  • neuroheart
    8132 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    I lucked out and got an uncommon basket. Opened the box and got...

  • stingray1122
    8717 posts Member
    edited May 2014
  • nabocough
    45 posts Member
    edited May 2014
    the nth pond :cry:
  • atiq_ruhel
    447 posts
    edited May 2014

    i've given up on getting Sharry Bobbins and Father Sean... but i've been coveting the Blocko store!! its such an awesome building!!
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