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Tree storing bug

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Sort of the same thing happened to me. I just got the update and cleared a bunch of trees to storage make room for the lodge. Then went to storage to re- place them and they're all gone! Experimented with one more tree to storage and it's gone too. I'd think very carefully about using the nuke button. You might loose everything! I've shared this in a couple of other posts - beware!


  • granmamaDar
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    edited June 2014
    No way! I store shrubs & trees to remodel a few things, go back into inventory & they aren't there, & OTHER items are missing also! Getting to dislike playing.
  • Samaranth01
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    edited June 2014
    Read about this in the Game Discussion section so I tested it with a few trees. Same thing happened, they just disappeared. Haven't tried it with other decorations yet.
  • da_caveman
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    edited June 2014
    So in other words, do not place your donut bought trees in the inventory box.

    But does the easter fences you manually place in the inventory dissapear aswell?
    That would be great actually.
  • Tischoo
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    edited June 2014
    Hey, this also happens to flowers (everything saved in inventory as this little tiny flowers even i have saved bigger ones)

    Also other people already mentioned that items disappeared, after putting into inventory. This should be fixed ASAP as inventory cannot be used
  • andmglge
    10 posts
    edited June 2014
    I noticed the same bug just a few minutes ago...
    And because of it I've lost some limited trees from Halloween I had stored, too....
  • mrsvickie1
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    edited June 2014
    There was just an update Whig prevents you from storing ALL trees.
  • mclarkson37
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    edited June 2014
    Enjoy the updates and the events, but suck of the bugs every time.

    I have lost flowers and trees today, and can not store benches..
  • mclarkson37
    3 posts
    edited June 2014
    Earlier today I lost several of the $520 flowers when I stored them. Something changed since then brcause now I can't even store them at all. Same with freemium benches.
  • shtaylor13
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    edited June 2014
    I can't even store any trees or shrubs at all anymore... tho by the sounds of it, that might be a good thing! :)
  • HeidiGrrrrl
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    edited June 2014
    YES! I noticed this problem several days ago when I tried to rearrange some things in my town. I lost fences and trees. Glad I didn't store any premium items.
  • Indygirl542
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    edited June 2014
    My town wont let me store any trees or flowers in my inventory
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