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I purchased a few yesterday, all you need to do is restart your game. Then mine appeared. :)


  • EldarOfSuburbia
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    edited June 2014
    Yep I saw this the other day too, just do anything that will make your account synchronize such as going to the neighbors screen and back, and they will appear.

    Another day, another Tapped Out glitch....
  • inusiax
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    edited June 2014
    Happened to me about two weeks ago, happened again yesterday. I just reopened the game and the donuts were there.
  • panopticnic
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    edited June 2014
    This happens all the time. Just go to KL and back they'll appear.
  • cherrysweatr
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    edited June 2014
    Happens to me each and every time I collect any quantity of donuts, doesn't matter the source. I just need to exit and reenter the game and the correct total will appear. Happens both on Android & iOS for me.
  • Airion
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    edited June 2014
    Happens to me sometimes when there's a bit of lag. I just reload the game and the donuts are there.
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