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rewards reset?

That happened to me last night. If you are just starting the tasks it will just reset the clock to 24hrs and you have that much time to complete the 4 tasks. If you have already started doing tasks, then you will not finish them. In time and it will reset back to the 1st task. I had the first one I progress when this happened and it finished my first task still.


  • neuroheart
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    I'd say do the tasks and get as many emblems as you can. I only got three done yesterday, but I'm not unhappy about what I got.

    The clock resets at midnight every night.
  • Ftball2theGroin
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    You have six hours. That's enough to earn at least a couple of the rewards (and get the emblem bonus). Tomorrow you'll be able to earn all of them no problem.
  • annettemarc
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    I'm just getting started (and already got a DONUT in a neighbor's town!). Number 1's tasks rewards reset clock doesn't have enough time to complete all the tasks within the remaining time. Is that a 24 hour clock or random or what?
    Should I even bother starting the tasks before I run out of time, or just wait to start when it resets (in about 6 hours, which is about MIDNIGHT my time.... :-( )?

    Each task pays out independently of the others. You need to do them in the order given, but if you finish the first task, you get that payout (150 emblems), and so forth. Oh, and the timer resets at midnight your local time. The first three tasks are often fairly short ... An hour or two each. Depending on your sleep habits, you may want to finish one before retiring. But in reality, those emblems from today aren't gonna make much difference over the entire event.

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