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Best character combinations for Number 1 tasks

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That's awesomely helpful! I was just thinking about sitting down to figure this out on my own, but you've done all the work! Good job :)


  • DJDK-ec
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    Nice list. This will be extremely helpful to players who are short on cash and want to maximize task income without running the risk of not being able to complete this event.
  • direwolf987
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    Nice, helpful list. Thank you!
  • aabcampos
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    All freemium, 5 char list that can do all "Number 1" task.

    Mayor Quimby, Wolfcastle, Agnes, Comic Book Guy, rod

    Civil Servants: Mayor Quimby
    Celebrity: Wolfcastle
    Senior: Agnes
    Women: Agnes
    Pessimist: Agnes, Comic Book Guy
    Youngster: rod
    Entrepreneur: Comic Book Guy
    k.ook: rod
    Glutton: Comic Book Guy, Mayor Quimby
    Dimwit: Wolfcastle
    Brainiac: Comic Book Guy
    High Roller: Mayor Quimby, Wolfcastle
    Saint: rod
    Criminal: Mayor Quimby

  • direwolf987
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    I know this isn't a comprehensive list, but there are a lot of people asking for specific people to do Number 1's tasks so I'm bumping this for their assistance.
  • direwolf987
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    Bumping this for my own personal gain

    Edit: Guess I could've just bookmarked it. My bad :oops:
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