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Add Me Thread - Stonecutter Event


  • blitz00686
    34 posts
    edited June 2014
    cleaned out some more inactives, so I have a little room for a few more friends

    add me, I play all the time
  • tanyadougl968
    1 posts
    edited June 2014
    Daily player in need of plenty of friends after a good clean out :


    Happy spying!! :D
  • uncle_spud01
    17 posts Member
    edited June 2014

    Multiple times per day player. I know my SF looks like ****, but I ain't changing it till EA lets us assign a landing zone.
  • mike_3069
    4 posts
    edited June 2014
    please add mike_3069.....daily player during events, less often when there are no events (maybe once per day)

    tonnes of room.....just cleared non active players
  • grahamdust765
    2 posts
    edited June 2014
    add grahamdust765 lvl 41 and play multiple time a day. just deleted people not playing event and have some slots open. always somthing to tap
  • denniscwal179
    15 posts
    edited June 2014
    I have room for neighbors. level 41 play daily
  • McWibble
    6 posts
    edited June 2014
    I'll add myself to this list as well - McWibble, level 41 and visit all neighbours daily (even the ones with usernames near the end of the alphabet :wink: )
  • goody_gti
    22 posts
    edited June 2014
    Thanks to everyone that has added me so far :mrgreen:

    My girl also plays daily so feel free to add:

  • jf18ferrar727
    1 posts
    edited June 2014
    Add Me: JF18FERRAR727 Level 41 Active Player and Accepting New Neighbours :)
  • coachcrc
    4 posts
    edited June 2014
    Add me coachcrc, level 41, play multiple times a day
  • lifestyle62
    32 posts Member
    edited June 2014

    Level 41 - play several times a day - visit neighbors daily

    Have room for a few new friends

    Looking for active players

  • X-Judge-J-X
    8 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    Level 41, just cleaned out all the non active players and room for some new ones!
    Play everyday, and although there are only 60 taps, I do like to be a good neighboureeno and tap on all my neighbours towns.

    add me if your a good neighboureeno too!

  • dancernc4415
    24 posts
    edited June 2014
    lvl 41. daily. dancernc4415
  • lil_pika03804
    12 posts
    edited June 2014
    add me thanks!
  • nosliwmas58
    35 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    Just cleaned out a bunch of "dead" neighbors.

    Add me: nosliwmas58

    Daily Player
  • Elmo1eyebroW
    8 posts
    edited June 2014
    Like many people here, cleared out inactive friends and have about 20 spots open. I play daily and check 10-12 times a day during this event.

  • shafanator108
    359 posts Member
    edited June 2014
    I'm max lvl. I play many times a day. I just went through my list today and deleted anyone that didn't have the camera icon.

    When not in an event I don't visit as much, but since this update all my friends every day have been visited every day. My wife and three little boys make it a challenge to visit neighbors all the time.

    I'm just starting to be a premium player waiting for gil to come!

    My id is same as my username

  • stanbarstead
    8 posts
    edited June 2014
    Please add Level 41 Daily Player - stanbarstead

    Just cleaned out a bunch of inactive players from my list.

    Yay Stonecutters!

    P.S. A buddy of mine just started playing he's level 7 (so adorable :) ) if you have some open spots add him, I know it would really freak him out since he hasn't discovered the message boards yet:

    Username: theprinceofdorne
    Level 7 or 8, he just started but I think he plays daily

  • l0rla
    2 posts
    edited June 2014
    Add me please im level 41

    l0rla :D
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  • denniscwal179
    15 posts
    edited June 2014
    I'm level 41 looking for neighbors. I play daily
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