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Is it fun?

Man.Sorry to hear that. If it's happening on two different devices and operating systems you would think it would be something on the origin/EA side of it. I'm sure you've already uninstalled/reinstalled, logged out/back in and all that. What did EA say?


  • ax0n01
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    edited June 2014
    That blows. Someone else also posted about having game play issues on multiple, cross platform devices (iPod and Nook). Before the update, was game play and syncing pretty good on your devices?
  • Nitemare-rexx
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    i have kindle fire hd and the amazon app kindle tablet edition of tsto crashes and says taped out has stopped, if install google play version it works fine.
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    Yeah I've tried everthiing. EA ran through a bunch of fixes but no dice. It was working fine on the kindle before. I don't know..just tired of it all. I really like the game and am a premium player so it's just so frustrating.
  • amauthe8
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    Try posting this in the Bugs and Issues thread, you're probably more likely to get hits and more helpful tips there.
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