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Lodge Hunting Strategies….Worth it?? (Long Post)



  • efin98
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    edited June 2014
    To be blunt, the strategy works best for those who have neighbors who are online when they are doing the tapping. If your neighbors are not online until hours later your tapping is spread out throughout the day, and it becomes a burden to get the tapping done.

    For the extra 240 emblems it's not worth the time, effort, annoyance. I'll take the delay of several hours to get the next item over the constant scanning of neighbors' towns.
  • neuroheart
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    edited June 2014
    MunkeyJunk wrote:
    I just tap all three buildings from beginning to end. It's a game and not worth that much hassle to go "lodge hunting". I'm at almost 17,000 emblems already without spending donuts, aside from the pyramid which looks cool. Also, not that many of my almost full neighbor list actually visit me, I assume because I'm near the end of the alphabet.
    If your neighbors aren't visiting you because your name starts with "M" then you need new neighbors, esspecially if you visit all of yours every day. I get quite a few visits and I'm even later in the alphabet than you. (My current emblem total is 21734, and that's mostly down to my wonderful neighbors visiting me regularly, and perhaps partly because I lodge hunt.)
  • Quemical
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    I was Grinder-light the first up until 3 days ago. I have about 40 active neighbors, so i went through my neighbors tapping only the lodge, if the lodge was already tapped i would tap another building to keep the times right. After my first sweep, i had 20 actions left, with that i would just pick lodges through out the day. But it got a bit annoying. Now that i know i am like 2 days ahead of where i should be to get all the prizes, i just tap all 3 buildings. If i fall behind i may have to go back to that method. My neighbor visits have been pretty slow the last few days. I'm sure i'm stcuk near the end of people's neighbors lists. :(
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