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new krustyland stuff Pleeeeeease



  • HWick_Bluenose
    882 posts
    edited July 2014
    it would also be better if ALL of your characters could go to KL. These random sprites walking around are not up to much. Not even all the kids and teenagers can go.
  • KillaSqirl
    1763 posts Member
    edited July 2014
    I'm eagerly awaiting more Krustyland quests and rides. I got into it on the ground floor and never understood the negativity some players have towords it (access issues aside). I'll be really bummed if we don't see any updates this summer.
  • fabiotatsuo
    58 posts
    edited July 2014
  • itistracyl
    51 posts
    edited July 2014
    It would be especially nice if the new stuff (if added) isn't all premium. Since it takes so long to collect tickets, so cool rides with high ticket values would be nice. Maybe I should start saving now . . .
  • smittytime20
    19 posts
    edited July 2014
    Yeah, I agree. However, they need more quests if they are going to add decorations or rides. :-\ Also, maybe a really expensive building (e.g. 1,000,000 KL tickets) would be a good way to make people keep interacting with Krustyland. :-)
    I only visit friends KL for this reason.... just hoarding tickets at this point..
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