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red dice



  • CPTSean541
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    edited August 2014
    Nothing has worked for me. Now I am out of dice.
  • rinatkip
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    Lmac201 wrote:
    jclancy959 wrote:
    I contacted EA support on this aswell, I am having the same issue. Long story short, I finally got a good answer after contacting EA help a 2nd time. The advisor told me to post this bug on the forums, and that he's letting the team know for further evaluation on fixing the issue.

    Yep, I had a chat with EA support last night and the guy I spoke to ran through a checklist with me, none of it helped the task to clear, so he asked me to wait while he grabbed a a specialist who has the tools to edit the game. He handed me over to them, and they said it was an identified glitch happening to a few people, and hopefully fixed very soon. The guy was nice enough to give me 150 donuts too. Don't know if we will have to buy more dice to re-do it over again, or will the task be bumped automatically. I'm hoping it gets bumped...

    I have the Red Dice glitch, and contacted EA advisor through chat:
    * The advisor told me that's the first time she's heard of it
    * She told me to update, then uninstall and reinstall, open again- nothing worked
    * I've spent one hour waiting with the estimated time of 20 min for answer, and another half an hour with her online- for no solution and no compensation. nothing, she just said "well.. if that's everything...bye"

    :evil: :thumbdown:
  • edited August 2014
    I am also having issues with and with the rolling with it where it ask you too use a cheaters 20 to save your town I have wasted 4 already can't complete it and wondering how long it will take for them to fix it if they already started to work on it!!
  • hussey8787
    10 posts
    edited August 2014
    Is there a way to earn extra cheaters - I have just got 1 when I logged in and definitely didn't purchase it or have any left before.
  • smarble_85
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    edited August 2014
    My gold coins are glitching. They are not increasing when I defend a house...
  • Kig72
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    edited August 2014
    Here's a question...whenever they DO fix it...how will we know? I don't want to keep "testing" with the few little dice I get and waste them. I keep checking back here all the time and no one has said it's been fixed yet.

    I keep watching for an update on my game to occur but even then I won't know. Hopefully there will be a "red dice FIX" thread in here someday!
  • WallaceEMann
    4 posts Member
    edited August 2014
    I've twice used donuts to buy red dice to defend my town. Each time I've done it the task stays in the book saying that part needs to be done. Used them to attack others without a problem.

    I'm guessing I won't get those donuts back.
  • johno787
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    edited August 2014
    yea this glitch is becoming a pain in the *. I have used 27 doughnuts already trying to buy more cheaters 20 to complete the mission. I have used it correctly where I saw the invaders disappear and coins appears. This is ridiculous and EA needs to repay me with the doughnuts I have used to try and accomplish mission.
  • chrisgyo
    1030 posts Member
    edited August 2014
    these red dice are kinda dumb

    I've only received like 5 or so? these are rarer than donuts yet pretty useless
  • soisson05
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    edited August 2014
    I have used a red dice like 15 times and still see the task. Anyone hear anything more from EA?
  • johncolombo
    11670 posts Senior Moderator
    edited August 2014
    I was able to accomplish this task in all my feeder towns (4 of them) but not in my main town. I've noticed there seems to be a lot of high level premium players that are having the issue. My feeder towns are minimal, not many if any premium characters or decorations. I wonder if there's a premium character or decoration that's causing the glitch? If we could figure out what it is and store it maybe the task would complete? Just a thought.
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  • NeoSEC28
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    edited August 2014
    I understand there is a "fix" being rolled out tomorrow that should hopefully rectify this issue for us all :D

    As of yet I dont know what time the update/fix will happen
    Volunteer EA Senior Moderator
  • jmn2618def
    13 posts
    edited August 2014
    I've been having issues as well with doing this challenge. I've tried many times now to get the challenge done but nothing
  • OrdinarilyBob
    305 posts Member
    edited August 2014
    For me I opened a ticket with EA and after several back'n'forth messages, they've closed my ticket telling me that the studio has been made aware and I should just be patient. I'm disappointed by that answer. :cry:
    NeoSEC28 wrote:
    I understand there is a "fix" being rolled out tomorrow that should hopefully rectify this issue for us all :D

    As of yet I dont know what time the update/fix will happen
    I hope this is true. From where did you get this "understanding"?

    And as Kig72 asked: Whenever they DO fix it, how will we know? I wonder if it will just autocomplete the quest, or will we get an in-game message and a free Cheaters 20 (cuz I'm not spending any donuts to buy more, nor do I plan to use any of the very few free loot ones I find, in testing).

    ***** EDIT *****
    I just logged into Simpsons and a patch was applied. When the game actually opened my "Red Dice" mission auto-completed. Yay!
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