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9/4 second update constantly crashing, game unplayable

If you are playing on Android, go into the Play store and download the new update. I only used it for a brief time, but it seemed to run better.


  • alealeale73
    96 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    After getting the upgrade from the playstore, the situation got even worse.
  • Spleeny88
    1 posts
    edited September 2014
    I had the same issue on a Motorola Moto G, Android 4.4.
    I just deinstalled and reinstalled the game, now the app crashes before I even see my city.
  • akia2u
    62 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    The game is still unplayable for me. Every single time I click on a neighbors town the game force closes.
  • starshipvi49
    1129 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    The playstore update has ruined the game, luckily I have all the prizes. Way to many crashes now when trying to attack random towns. I haven't tried the neighbors town yet.
  • h82bag4130
    1 posts
    edited September 2014
    Can't connect to server
  • cokernut001
    13 posts
    edited September 2014
    Mine is also unplayable due to constant crashing after installing both yesterday's in-game and in-store updates.
  • nedimaz
    207 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    I am also experiencing frequent crashing since yesterday update, which occurs while visiting random towns in **** event.

    I am playing on Android platform.

    I noticed that crashes are happening mostly in two different scenarios:
    1. during loading between two random towns, or new random town has just loaded (I see new town for a fraction of second before crash)
    2. when I select building, add nerd(s) and click "Attack" - at that moment game freezes, I still see whitened "Attack" button, but after few second, everything crashes.

    Edit: also, same behavior during visiting neighbors.

  • madfish86
    1094 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    Same here. Ever since I downloaded the 4.10.3 update from the Play Store yesterday, the game crashes constantly when visiting neighbors.

    Running Android 4.4.2 on Galaxy Note 8.0. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing, but it did not help.
  • nedimaz
    207 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    In addition to my previous post: I detected one neighbor (active, playing this event regularly) whose town automatically crashes my game since yesterdays update.

    I forgot to add that I also updated to 4.10.3. I tried with cleaning of cache but it didn't help.

  • brickevand408
    1822 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    Is it mainly players on Android like me who are experiencing frequent crashing while visiting neighbors since the 4.10.3 update from the Play Store?

    Please post on this thread in the Bugs&Issues forum.

    Yep, me too :cry:
  • laurianric18
    224 posts
    edited September 2014
    Crashing upon logging in and loading the town. It comes up, everything's frozen, then booted out entirely. This after play store update.

    Android 4.0.4, Toshiba Thrive AT100 tablet running Kernel version 8.30GB available. No, I don't know what all of that really means, just copying it down in case it's useful.

    ETA: did an uninstall/reinstall. Didn't help. Prior to update, already had problems with crashing when trying to visit neighbors (not randoms).
  • fuffazzoni
    627 posts
    edited September 2014
    +1 for the crash issue. My town is fine but I can't visit more than 3 neighbors or invaders in a row.
  • jensweezey269
    43 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    Same problem when trying to do my friends list keeps crashing on samsung 3
  • sasmango
    3 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    Android user - each update makes the game worse. Went from frequent & annoying crashes to crashes every time I try to visit a neighbor. VERY FRUSTRATING that I can't play the game!
  • Davit001
    19 posts
    edited September 2014
    Android on both tablet and phone became unplayable after yesterdays updates. Was fine before but now I can't go 3 minutes without a crash. Bravo!
  • jaytothen
    2 posts
    edited September 2014
    Game won't even open for me. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still.

    This is absolutely a joke. This has been going on for to long. How can they not figure out how to code a game?
  • galapagos1234
    57 posts
    edited September 2014
    I hope this gets fixed soon. My game, on iPad mini ios7, crashes often, whether going to strangers SFs (game won't let me on long enough to check going to friends SFs) or just picking up rent/moving around my SF. it often crashes right after I log back in too. And will crash very suddenly with no warning, screen doesn't freeze, game just crashes. Game is becoming unplayable. Guess I'll skip today and see if this bug is fixed tomorrow. Really sucks the fun out.
  • Arbok9782
    525 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    Getting this as well. My game crashes whenever I raid a Pumpkin House or go to a town that has a Pumpkin House that is getting raided.

    Notified EA about it, as its a very common house so easy to hit this.
  • tigert2004
    8 posts
    edited September 2014
    I was able to log on once last night and started buying the new items with elixer. I was able to buy the windmill and outhouse before the game crahed and have not been able to see my town since with it crashing before my town opens. I am able to log in to my other town but even then when I try to visit my town the game crashes. I quickly tried to visit other neighbors and random towns and it did not crash.
  • juvaltino
    10 posts
    edited September 2014
    I have the same issue... Also on Android. I just stopped visiting neighbours since it always crashes when I try to move to the next one using the arrows.
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