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Losing elixir and gold (and wasting neighbor's nerds)

I got the same issue. Already contacted support chat and they recommended me to post about it in the forums. I added this information to the general sticky "bugs" post and hope they fix it soon.:

My issue:
Shield markers (houses under attack) disappear/vanish without any effect after a visit to my own Krustyland.

Steps to reproduce:
Step 1: a player visits my town and attacks a house with nerds
Step 2: I login, see the shield and do not tap on the house with the shield, check the current value for gold and elixir
Step 3: go to krustyland
Step 4: directly go back to normal town
Step 5: look at house which had shield marker above it before going to Krustyland
Step 6: tap on the house and nothing happens (or, if there

* No shield marker above house
* House not destroyed
* Value for gold and elixir unchanged

Expected result:
* Shield marker should still be above house
* House should be marked as destroyed

So basically the nerds spent by my neighbours are wasted since there is no payout for anybody.

My systems:
1) Sony Xperia ZL with Android 4.4.2
2) LG GPad 8.3 with Android 4.4.2


  • JoannaFlora
    92 posts Member
    edited August 2014
    I have the same bug :(
  • kaoru17th923
    1 posts
    edited August 2014
    I have the same issue, I've lost 2 or 3 times the gold and elixir cause I just got the root of the problem

    please fix this
  • Suski33
    2 posts
    edited August 2014
    Same problem - launch TSTO, do a little work in Springfield, leaving all shields (approximately 20-25) over my "attacked" houses in tact. Go to my Krustyland, do a little work there, come back to my Springfield and *poof* all shields gone, as though they were never there. This happens every time (replicable). I tried going back from my KL to my Springfield both via the "shuttle," and by exiting my KL via the friends button, and reentering my Springfield from the friends page. I was told this might help, since it would give the game a chance to synchronize between the visit to KL and reentering my Springfield. No soap. Shields were still gone either way.

    And so today... I cleared all Shields myself (rather than let them just disappear, losing elixir and gold for everybody), and made my final trip to my KL until this glitch is fixed. Woe to my neighbors who need tickets, and to me for the lag the bringing of an additional 15 characters to my main town will probably cause.
  • Dracoluna
    9 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    I have also had this problem. I will restart the game, hard close it, and the shields do not come back. My boyfriend also plays, though not as much as I do, and he is much further in the event than I am, and I suspect it is partially because of the bug. (I am more interested in playing and collecting than he is.)
  • 123sharl
    1 posts
    edited September 2014
    Same here! It's taking forever to do the tasks because of this. I see my friends have 20,000 plus gold and their castles are built and I ant get to the 4th upgrade. Im losing a huge potion of the payout. And it's really frustrating!
  • chrislloyd9
    1 posts
    edited September 2014
    Issue of Krustyland visit clearing shields still persists. If my neighbours nerds are being wasted then it's a sure bet mine are being wasted in other games. It would appear that the object it to make us waste more time. Boring!!!
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