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Sick Springield seeking Single Cultured Springfields...



  • gocatters
    102 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    Go catters, I dig your suburbs. Like the organized feeling of culdesacs. Screams burbs. I must say, you gotta hate your parents to retire them next to a nuclear plant!!

    Thanks :)

    The retirement castle next to the nuclear plant is in a way a homage to mr.burns (I mean, he is supposed to be springfields oldest resident!!)
  • palealedude
    7 posts
    edited January 2013
    Hi! Just registered here, though I've been playing for over a month now. I sent an invite to you dirklance1981 and I see that you already accepted it, thanks! I didn't have time to check your town yet, but I'll do it later.

    I'm also pretty proud of my Springfield although I'm still at only level 18. No house-farming in my town 'cos I don't like it. I rather collect money and build my town at a slower pace.
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