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Crashing after Stonecutters (4.9) Update


  • Celticpeasant
    45 posts Member
    edited August 2014
    I have an iPad 3rd gen, current ISO. As soon as I try to load a friend the program crashes! The screen goes black and closes down. I have been playing since 6 months into Simpsons first year and this is the first time I have had a problem.

    I noticed that no one had posted about this issue for some time, but I cant believe that I am the only one.

    Here's hoping it gets fixed soon!

  • corzo1570900
    11 posts
    edited September 2014
    After todays update my game crashes every few minutes. I've tried uninstalling, clearing cache, rebooting, no change.
  • ncwriter
    13 posts Member
    edited September 2014
    iPad Air, latest everything, crashes when I try to visit. Started a couple of days ago.
  • mamasita63946
    1 posts
    edited September 2014
    Sometimes will not load, or crashes in middle of game, very frustrating, about to delete game. Please help. I have come to far to quit.
  • DarkMemberRon
    3 posts
    edited October 2014
    i play on samsung s4 and asus eee pad and my game crash on both
  • RoniKaye
    5 posts
    edited October 2014
    I play on my iPhone 4s. I have deleted unused apps, deleted all photos, rebooted- game crashes constantly.... been going on about a week now. Been playing this game for well over a year, very disappointed, about to delete it and find something else to play.
  • RoniKaye
    5 posts
    edited October 2014
    And just for further info- this is the only app that does this.
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