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Squidport and Krustyland. Time to take the plunge?

moppy14w wrote:
I've just reached level 20. Stuck with a case of 'so much to build; so little money'. I refuse to go premium and spend real cash.

On my To Do/Task List

-Build the 46,000 Springfield Penitentiary and the 37,000 King Toots Store
-Buy a 33,000 or so water expansion and then thousands more on the entrance to the Squidport
-Place the 55,000 Krustyland bus and take a ride.

What sort of order do you all recommend I do this in? What are your opinions on the Squidport and Krustyland?

Start with what will help making more money, in this case building SF Pen which will give you Snake. After that, build your first water expansion and the SQP entrance so that you can start making boardwalk tiles - don't worry about expanding until you have enough tiles and money because its very costly and the only new character you will get is the Sea Captain. I'd start on KL thereafter as it is something you can do for 5 minutes twice a day so that you are earning tokens until such time as there is a greater need to pay more attention there.

Whenever you are posed with the question of what to buy, and when to buy it, favor any option that gets you a new character because that is an extra person earning you money.


  • antpants7
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    edited September 2014
    Definitely make the core quest lines and level content your priority (ie. Snake and jail house)

    Once you have saved enough for Squidport, buy the entrance. And start making those tiles as soon as you can because you will need them.

    KL is a bunch of extra fun. Good thing is you only need to fork out that $50K one time (so not much of a long-term burden on your money), and you have a new place to visit with a completely new currency. However, the rather lengthy KL quest line will require some main characters to be away from Springfield for some time.
    + You will need KL for level 43 but that's a while for you.

    Basically, go for Squidport first. Because it is a long-term work in progress and it is best to start ASAP.
    + Opening up the ocean looks great and it's a lot of fun.

    Good luck
  • brittannie54
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    edited September 2014
    I agree with prior posters. Once I opened up Squidport I alternated between building there or Springfield everyday until it was complete. Most of those buildings are shops and add to the Consumerism rating. The tiles take a long time to build (7 months later and I'm still building them).

    I didn't bother with Krustyland for a while because I needed as many characters in Springfield earning money as possible, but when I was getting closer to start to build it I began doing a lot of friend visits there. Even if you haven't started Krustyland the game will save your tickets. It's nice to already have a little boost when you start that quest.
  • brickevand408
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    edited September 2014
    Dont forget once you purchase SQP entrance ALWAYS make tile's even if you have enough for the questline, caus at some point it take days to have 1 and lots of money.
  • terend2013
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    Do the Squidport to just get the Sea Captain, so you will have another character to make money off of jobs. Don't worry about much else for now after that as the core quest lines don't require a Squidport building until way later.

    Build Krustyland and get only up to Sideshow You so you can start getting donuts. (you get 5 donuts every 100th time you pop the three balloons or seven weeks if you do it at least twice a day). just visit and collect Krustyland tickets until you are ready to finish the rest there.

  • CamelRama
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    edited September 2014
    Also, you're already ahead because you're checking these forums. As you can already tell, a lot of this game is strategy, and often the most successful ones aren't the most obvious. Were it not for these boards I wouldn't have known about the COTC Glitch and would still be trying to complete the Personal Prizes. Likewise, I finished the Squidport quickly because of the Handshake Glitch; which in retrospect worked similarly to the COTC Glitch in that it required you to start a social action and just leave it alone for a while(a difficult compulsion with this game, I know!) Either way, this game usually has some sort of exploit that makes it easier to shortcut what is otherwise a longterm tedious process of completion. Hopefully this helps!
  • emikab
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    edited September 2014
    I'd also add that Krustyland (KL) can be used as a sort of savings account. Even if you don't plan on doing much there as far as making it pretty, you can trade your KL tickets for in-game cash. The more built up your KL, the more guests show up (they're non-playable characters that wander KL but they earn tickets) and the more tickets you earn without having to have playable characters doing tasks in KL. It takes a while, but it does add up.
  • bee88161
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    edited September 2014
    I agree with building the penitentiary first, then start on SP, it might be a bit squished for a while but at least you'll have more buildings earning you cash. I left KL for a long time because I couldn't afford to have characters there instead of SF but that's just me.

    Also, set your characters on shorter tasks if you can- 60 mins/4 hrs. You'll reach your goals a lot faster.
  • sojournfan
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    edited September 2014
    I would definitely continue the main quest line first. I didn't even build my Krustyland until after I had maxed out a level around April and I had nothing else to do.
  • Mopurglar
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    edited September 2014
    A lot of good advice here. Trying not to sound redundant, but just wanted to add:

    1. Squidport was intended to be a drawn-out cash suck for high level players, so there would be a reason to keep earning $$. The buildings in the quest progression don't take too long to build, but they cost a lot of money. The tiles, on the other hand, are more affordable, but it takes months to accumulate enough in order to make a proper Squidport. This is why we're suggesting to start your tiles as soon as you can. The rest of SP can wait.

    2. Krustyland also takes an incredibly long time to build up, but this is because it takes awhile for your characters to earn tickets there, and not many can go there. As others have stated, it costs your SF potential cash to send characters to earn in KL, so it is fine to wait until you have more characters than you need.

    3. While the general recommendation is to work on your core Springfield quest line before worrying about Squidport, I will just point out that the cost of beach/land plots + $4500 for the SP entrance is not a whole lot, particularly when you know that after you build the $47000 jail, you'll be asked to build something else expensive to keep going. Eventually, you're going to have to put Springfield on hold so you can get started on Squidport tiles.

    4. Thus, if I were in your shoes, I would go in this order: 1) Jail and Squidport (your pick of which first -- doesn't matter), 2) Captain's Houseboat and key Springfield buildings, 3) Krustyland shuttle when you have a comfortable number of characters, and 4) remainder of Squidport when you have plenty of $$$

    How you go about making the $$ is a topic for another thread. But if you're as impatient as I was when I was freemium, house farming is definitely the way to go.
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