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I dont understand this post


  • penalak
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    I don't understand
  • mrobinson666873
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    penalak wrote:
    I don't understand

    It's a twilightzone reference it was a tv show from the 50's
  • ZennGlenn
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    :twisted: ...yikes, figured everyone would catch 'That Twilighty Zone' indirect reference from the classic '95 digitalized 3D THOH VI 'Homer Cubed', w/Homer stuck 'someplace where I don't know where I am... are you helping or just going on & on?' :mrgreen:
    ...further enjoyable Wiki ref: 'In "Homer³", when Homer is trying to explain the 3D world he is stranded in, he says "Uh... it's like... did anyone see the movieTronWhile Homer is trapped in the third dimension he says that there is so much stuff he doesn't know about astrophysics. He then goes on to say that he wishes he had read "that book by that wheelchair guy", a reference to Stephen Hawking. When Homer is exploring the 3D world, he passes the library from the computer game MYST while being accompanied by music from the game.The portal is similar to The Twilight Zone episode Little Girl Lost. When Homer first encounters the portal he says "It's like something from that Twilighty show about that Zone".'
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