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Cloud Man

The almighty Cloud Man came down to me today, and warned me that if you log in during or immediately after Sunday's "Simpsons" broadcast, three things will happen to you: 1) All of your future children will be born with decrepid secondary heads that bear the likeness of Mr. Burns, and all of your current children (adult spawn included) shall instead have these ungodly secondaries appear from out of their behinds. 2) You will soon meet a most untimely end, which will involve 1000 penguins, a misplaced sock, a jar of pickles, a can of olive oil, and a duck. 3) Proceeding your demise, you shall spend a flaming eternity with Fire Man, clawed at forever by miniature Woody Allens who call you Mama. Tell all of your friends, and just make sure not to log in. Do this, and you shall be saved.

think you might want to leave the house once in a while mate


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