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Out of the three THOH Events, does anyone else feel this one is "bleh?"



  • jraffa50
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    edited October 2014
    I think a lot of people really overhyped this event. I think after the epic slog of **** and some downtime before people were really hoping foran amazing event.

    Personally I'm enjoying myself. After my least favorite ****, at least this one has some actual gameplay I find fun and enjoyable. I like the tapping and the surprise of what's in my treat bag. Its also nice to play with neighbors again.

    I don't really love the prizes so far, but the fact that I can win donuts makes up for that for me.
  • kingmob31838
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    edited October 2014
    Man, complaining about the prizes when there's still more to be announced. Can people stop condemning an event when it's like a third of the way through? Seriously??

    And personally I think the introduction of Hugo immediately makes this the best selection of prizes including previous events.
  • Annathewicked
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    edited October 2014
    Bored? No, not really. Agreed there could be more going on besides the constant trick or treating but that's the way they plan the running of the event.

    They can't please everyone (or anyone possibly) - this event has no wheel of random chance, you play the game, you can win some prizes. This pleases some, irritates others. Previous events had a wheel of chance, you play the game, you can win some prizes. This pleases some, irritates others.

    It seems that EA are stuffed whatever they do *shrug*

    I think the event is alright, I enjoyed Halloween more last year I will admit.

    I wish they had community prizes again (I enjoyed seeing that enormous counter continually flicking up), wish the egg drop rates were higher (and worked properly so you got credit for them) and I wish more people would seem to enjoy playing tapped out

    This event has bags that are just devolved boxes or wheels of random chance. You just don't get a chance at a prize directly, you only get a chance at a part of a prize.

    This. It's still chance and it's just for parts of prizes. Will I get the grand pumpkin? Fingers crossed I get the right parts!
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • Aennilya
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    edited October 2014
    Ohtori wrote:
    I guess it's because winning the prizes is set up differently. the fact we had Clash of Clans right before. Or that the old Halloween kitsch is not tie in this year. But the whole event this year seems very under whelming.

    I really like the model of staggering out the prizes and milestones over the course of the event. I hope this is a model that continues.

    Don't be surprised if the fog rolls in closer to the 31st. EA has shown they are willing to do a lot of small stuff throughout an event now and I love the direction.
    I agree with Excruciator69. The pacing of this event is less binge-like and seems designed to address the problem where some players will finish an event in the first three days while others will use the entire time alotted to finish. I think the idea is to continually maintain that feeling of seeing dangling shiny-objects. I suppose the problem might be that players have gotten used to an unusually (historically speaking) consistent and heavy stream of new content, and we've become shiny-object tolerant.

    I personally enjoy seeing all the different approaches EA comes up with for events. (Except, of course, when they went too far with the Wheel-O-Chance and I expressed my sentiments appropriately.)
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