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What's you favourite simpsons quote.


  • Asy370Z
    94 posts
    edited January 2013
    Bart: Be there or be Square

    Ralph: I wanna be a triangle!

    Ohh this one jus came to me Homer: In America first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get women.
    :O gasp.
  • lph1908
    30 posts
    edited January 2013
    Principal Skinner: "Now, if Nibbles would just chew through my ball sack . . . "
    Nibbles tilts head and runs away.

    Homer: But, Lisa, you can't make friends with salad"
    Bart & Homer singing and dancing in a conga line: "You can't make friends with salad. You can't make friends with salad"

    Homer: "I grow weary of your gyrations. Now, Bring me my ranch hose!!"

    Someone else mentioned my all time fav of "No beer, no tv"

    I have soooo many! LOL :D
  • sendo24
    25 posts
    edited January 2013
    What are you a travel agent? Because you are sending me on a guilt trip.
  • QCOuTLaWz
    596 posts
    edited January 2013
    Hans moleman: ''My name is Hans, drinking has ruined my life.. Im 31 years olldddd''
  • arnoutVI
    604 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    Homer : Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try
  • chrisboast
    23 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    I always loved this bit when sideshow bob was running for mayor:

    Voice:" Mayor Quimby supports revolving door prisons. Mayor Quimby even released Sideshow Bob -- a man twice convicted of attempted murder!

    Can you trust a man like Mayor Quimby? Vote Sideshow Bob for mayor."

    That and the passage leading up to driving through the cactus field in cape feare!
  • rabbikrustofski
    42 posts
    edited January 2013
    Ah, I could list so many more, I don't think I go a day without using a Simpsons quote.


    i think my favorite is in my sig, but there are so many others that could be the epitome of the show.

    "its the no homerS club, we're allowed to have one."
  • acheeanthony
    516 posts
    edited January 2013
    Mr. Burns: I’ll keep it short and sweet — Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business
  • big_pp_
    8 posts
    edited January 2013
    Bart: you mean shining.
    Willy: ssshhhh! You wanna get sued?
  • anibhat202
    39 posts
    edited January 2013
    "TELEVISION!! Teacher, mother, secret lover" all time best homer quote
    from the all time best Treehouse of Horror. :lol:
  • mjrukas79
    50 posts
    edited December 2013
    Homer: "If Jesus had a gun, he'd still be alive."
  • briangibson870
    71 posts
    edited December 2013
    "Where's the beef?!?"
  • crazykid467
    91 posts
    edited December 2013
    Homer: Kill my boss? Do I dare live the American Dream?
  • Anurchy
    146 posts
    edited December 2013
    "Super Nintendo Chalmers"

    Also, "D'oh!"
  • Phonedave
    65 posts
    edited December 2013
    Homer: "oh Lisa, that's just a load of rich creamery butter"

    That and

    "Kick him in the ****, step on his neck, and run like hell."


    "De-fault, de-fault, de-fault. The two sweetest words in the English language."
  • worldpattern
    19 posts
    edited December 2013
    "I was saying Boo-urns."


    "Don't you hate pants?!?"

    I say these two phrases all the time.
  • mgarbis00
    61 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    "you'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel."
    "Lisa am I wearing pants?"
  • johnny50373
    2768 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I believe it was Kearny to Lisa at Camp Krusty. "Tell your mom her cookies sucked."
  • nshonsky5150
    25 posts
    edited December 2013
    My favorites goes way back to the beginning.

    Bart: "Wendel! You made it!" And he pats him on the back. Then you hear a puking sound and the school bus empties.

    Good times. :oops:
  • jbillotte
    267 posts
    edited December 2013
    arnoutVI wrote:
    Homer : Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try

    Haha, i always think of this scene when people tell me to try your hardest in whatever you do
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