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1100 Probes to go..

It gives Homer a 36-hour (1 day, 12 hour) task, but other than that, I'm not seeing why this was a prize that we should want to win. I appreciate the original reference, but in terms of the game, the item is not that valuable. It doesn't generate anything extra for you, really.


  • bellhopbunny
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    edited October 2014
    That's what I needed to know! I will save my bags for the next round.
  • suetopia
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    edited October 2014
    That's a tough one. I have it and I really like it, but as far as I'm aware it only does the one task (and I am unsure if the task will be available after Halloween - I'm hoping it will be).
    From what we've been told by many sources, you will have the chance to craft it in the make-a-thing workshop if you miss it. However, that requires resources and you may want to use those to craft something else.

    Hope that this information helps you with your decision :D
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