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Level 46 ***Walkthrough*** (Thanks to jginsberg145 @ TSTOTopix)

Easy A Pt. 1
Objective – Build Classy Girls Strip Club

Nelson – Give me your lunch money, dork-o!
Martin – I don’t have any today — I brought my lunch from home. But I’d be happy to share if you don’t have one.
Nelson – What? No, I don’t want your lunch! I just want the money.
Martin – So you’re one of those buy-don’t-bring guys, I understand.
Martin – Perhaps I can get Lunchlady Dora to put your lunch on my tab.
Nelson – I don’t want any lunch! I just want to threaten you and take your money.
Nelson – Bullying isn’t about lunch — it’s about power.
Martin – Sounds like someone’s got low blood sugar.
Nelson – *cries* It’s true.
Nelson – I used to eat at my Mom’s work, but she’s still gone and I haven’t had a real meal in weeks.
Martin – Well, maybe we can at least fix that.

Easy A Pt. 2
Objective – Make Nelson Change Mom’s Status to “Not a Stripper”
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Binge on Nicotine

Mrs. Muntz -Nelson! Did you miss me?
Nelson – I sure did, free strip club buffet. *kissing*
Nelson – Oh, hey Mom. You’re here too? How were your weeks and/or years in limbo?
Mrs. Muntz – Not bad. I actually used the time to get my GED.
Nelson – What?! I didn’t know people could do stuff while they were missing from this world.
Nelson – Although I guess that makes sense… the rules always were a little fuzzy.
Nelson – So now that you have a high-school degree, does that mean you’ll get paid more to strip?
Mrs. Muntz – Actually it means I’m done stripping.
Nelson – Haw-haw?
Mrs. Muntz – That’s right, son. I’m going to enroll in college!
Nelson – But we don’t have a college in Springfield.
Nelson – Or a middle school.
Nelson – Or a sewer system.
Nelson – Heck, I haven’t even seen a gas station.
Mrs. Muntz – That’s okay. College isn’t about the campus — it’s about the experience. And I can still have that!
Mrs. Muntz – The first thing I have to do is completely reinvent myself on all my social media.
Mrs. Muntz – Son, take care of that for me while I have a quick smoke.

Easy A Pt. 3
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Find Out Who Nathan Zuckerman Is

Mrs. Muntz – Okay, college experience‚ college experience.
Mrs. Muntz – They read in college, right? But hard books with symbolism and crap.
Side Show Mel – Did I hear someone say “symbolism and crap” I know the perfect book!
Mrs. Muntz – Could you hear me talking to myself?
Side Show Mel – Of course! You were speaking extremely loud!

Easy A Pt. 4
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Have a Counting Crows Phase

Mrs. Muntz -*sighs*
Snake – What’s wrong, baby?
Mrs. Muntz – Nothing.
Snake – Was our love-making okay?
Mrs. Muntz- Yeah.
Snake – Okay, cool.
Mrs. Muntz- No one understands me!!!

Easy A Pt. 5
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Meet Otto Behind the Kwik-E-Mart

Otto – Hey, girlie. Why you moping around so hard?
Mrs. Muntz – It’s all part of my college experience. I’m angsty now.
Otto – I hear that.
Mrs. Muntz – Do you? Do you really ‚Äúhear that?”
Otto – Hey, maybe I didn’t go to college… or maybe I did?
Otto – But I’ve been through hard times. And I know someone who’s always there for me.
Mrs. Muntz – Who?
Otto – Her name is Mary Jane.
Mrs. Muntz - Is she a friend of yours or something–noOtto
Mrs. Muntz – Oh, I get it.

Easy A Pt. 6
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Strip to Pay For College

Mrs. Muntz – Boy, this college experience is more expensive than I thought.
Otto – Yeah, it can get pretty pricey.
Otto – What, with the grinders, scales, lighters, roach clips, splitters, papers, pipes, bongs, chillums, bubblers, volcanoes, brownies, candies…
Mrs. Muntz – I think I need a job. But what kind of job could a college coed get to work her way through school?
Otto – Well, according to all the movies I watch “after dark”, there’s really only one.

-After Objective Completion-

System Message – Check in with Dr. Nick to see him check out Mrs. Muntz for her “TMJ”

Easy A Pt. 7
Objective – Make Mrs. Muntz Drop Out of College

Mrs. Muntz – College has been the greatest years wrapped up in a week of my life.
Mrs. Muntz – There’s only one thing left to do to get the complete college experience…
Mrs. Muntz – The same thing Bill Gates did, the same thing Mark Zuckerberg did, the same thing pretty much everyone who was ever anything at Harvard did…
Mrs. Muntz- I need to drop out!

-After Objective Completion-

Nelson – Mom! What are you doing back at the strip club?
Mrs. Muntz – The same thing all college dropouts do –
Mrs. Muntz - I’m stripping!
Mrs. Muntz – Everything is back to normal again.
Nelson – Wow, I did not expect that to happen!
Mrs. Muntz – Neither did I, son.
Mrs. Muntz – Neither did I.

One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 1
Objective -Place the Moonbounce

Bart – Milhouse, I just heard some dude coming out of that Classy Girls place say he was glad he finally‚ “got his jollies”
Milhouse – What?! I want jollies!

One Small Bounce For Man… Pt. 2
Objective – Make Willie Hurt Other Kids in the Moonbounce

Willie – All right, I patched the hole in yer moonbounce from ye excessive bouncing.
Lisa – Willie, can you stay and bounce with us?
Willie – Well, I should get back to gardening…
Willie – I do have my gardening kilt on after all.
Willie – But I guess one bounce won’t hurt me!

-After Objective Completion-

System Message – Check in with Rainier’s daughter, Greta – , for further adventures with the Wolfcastle clan!

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 1
Objective – Make Greta – Sit in Silence

Wolfcastle – Hello, little girl. Have you been separated from your parents?
Greta – Dad, it’s me.
Wolfcastle – *looks around*
Greta – Your daughter.
Wolfcastle – *looks around*
Greta – Your only biological offspring.
Wolfcastle – Ah, ye! Hello…
Greta – …Greta
Wolfcastle – know.

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 2
Objective – Make Greta – Sit in More Silence

Greta – So‚ Dad. How’ve you been?
Wolfcastle – Pretty good. I’m on TV now.
Greta – That’s great!
Wolfcastle – …
Greta – …
Wolf castle – What ‚what’d you say??
Greta – Nothing.
Wolfcastle – Oh.

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 3
Objective – Build Wolfcastle’s Mansion
Objective – Make Greta – Consider Spending the Rest of Her Life Alone

Bart – *spits*
Greta – Wow, Bart. Your loogies are so heavy. Very impressive!
Bart – Oh, thanks! It’s all in the positioning of–
Greta – *cries*
Bart – Oh, boy. When you’re done crying, come find me and I’ll apologize for whatever I did.
Greta – Bart, I don’t actually like your loogies!
Bart – You don’t?
Greta – No! I only find you and your mucus irresistible because I so clearly have issues with my father!
Greta – Oh God, the daughter of a movie star has daddy issues!
Greta – I’ve become a cliche A horrible, horrible cliche

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 4
Objective – Make Greta Work Through Willie’s Daddy Issues

Greta – Principal Skinner, I’d like to see the school therapist.
Skinner – Unfortunately, we had to get rid of our counselor due to budget cuts.
Skinner – So, you’ll be divulging your deepest, darkest thoughts to our very talented gardener.
Willie – Welcome to Willie’s shack, lassie! What brings you in today — therapy or the fish-gutting seminar I conduct?
Greta – Um… therapy.
Willie – Don’t be embarrassed. You would not believe how many people don’t know how to properly gut a fish.
Greta – I said therapy.
Willie – Oh. Okay, why don’t you start us off…
Greta – Well, I’ve been having some issues that I believe stem from my relationship with my father. He’s never around, doesn’t know I exist–
Willie – Daddy issues?!
Willie – Here’s my prescription — go outside and dig your own grave every day till you finish!
Willie – You’ll sleep like a baby and the constant reminder of death will make you appreciate every second of your God-forsaken life.
Greta – Actually, I think it would be better if I talked this stuff out.
Greta – A girl’s good bond with her father affects all her future relationships with men.
Willie – Nonsense. My Dad was never around, and neither me nor any of my twelve sisters has even HAD a relationship!
Greta – That’s terrible! You know, I think it’s important for boys to have quality time with their fathers too.
Willie – It is? Oh dear Lord.
Willie – I hate my father!
Willie – *sobs* I hate him good!
Willie – *more sobs* Haven’t ye ever wondered why I’ve never amounted to anything?
Greta – Um…
Willie – Well I have! I think about it all the time!

The Girl Who Cried Wolfcastle Pt. 5
Objective – Make Willie Teach Rainier to Teach How to Play Ball

Wolf castle – Vhat’s wrong, Groundskeeper man?
Willie – Turns out I’m depressed.
Willie – My father was so busy chasing Scottish legends that he never even taught me how to throw a ball.
Wolfcastle – I can relate. I was too busy making many movies that I never learned how to teach someone to throw a ball.
Willie – Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Wolfcastle – Something vill pop up and tell us if we are.

-After Objective Completion-

Wolfcastle – Why are we throwing ball, when we’re both so terrible at it?
Wolfcastle – Why don’t we bond by you watching me film my newest blockbuster movie “McBain VIII: I’ll Kill Anyone”.
Willie – Getting invited to a Hollywood movie set is all I ever wanted from a father.
System Message – Check out Wolfcastle’s “McBain” Outfit For More Bonding With Willie

This unlocks if you buy the Film Set w/McBain

The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 1
Objective – Make Greta Pretend to Date Mr. Burns

Greta – Well, nothing I say or do has any impact on my father.
Greta – Perhaps if I was to date an older man that would get his attention.
Burns – Oh, hello little one. Didn’t see you down there.
Burns – My old man sight isn’t so good, and my old man feet are big and swollen.
Greta – Ugh, getting attention sure is icky.

-After Objective Completion-

Greta – Dad! I want you to meet my new boyfriend. He’s thousands of times older than me and we’re in love.
Wolfcastle – Willie, watch me shoot this lady cop!
Greta – Quick, Mr. Burns — make out with me!
Burns – But it’s almost sundown. I need to get home before I get confused.
Greta – Ughh!!

The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 2
Objective – Make Greta – Witness Hell on Earth

Greta – Oh, Dad. Just wanted to let you know that my therapy bills are piling up, so I’m going to work at the prison to pay for them.
Wolfcastle – I commend your hard work. You could easily be one of those rich kids who never put in a hard day’s work.
Greta – Aren’t you concerned about me?
Wolfcastle – Villie, my boy! Come watch fake blood pour out of my eyeballs!
Willie – Aye, *!
Greta – *sighs* Well, I guess I have to follow through.

The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 3
Objective – Make Greta Write a Rambling Letter

Greta – Whoever thought it’d be so hard to disappoint a father? Everybody made it sound so easy.
Snake – You want to disappoint your father? Stick with me, chica, I’ve never not disappointed a girl’s father.
Greta – Hmm. Maybe it’d be smarter if I just wrote my dad a letter.

The Girl Who Gets a Dragon Tattoo Pt. 4
Objective – Make McBain Fight Climatic Battle
Objective – Make Greta Bask in her Dad’s Attention

Greta – …so in conclusion, you’re a negligent and borderline abusive deadbeat dad.
Greta – But you’re a movie star, so basically, I love you.
Wolfcastle – I basically love you too, Greta.
Greta – By the way, this is my new boyfriend, Snake.
Wolfcastle - Was ist das?! Nein, nein, NEIN!
Snake – Nice to meet you, Mr. Wolfcastle. I’m a huge fan.
Wolfcastle – Then you’ll have to come to the set of my latest movie.
Wolfcastle – You can watch from the wall I’ll be shooting at mcbain

This unlocks if you buy the Springfield Clamphitheater

Attend A Clamphitheater Show
Objective – Make Agnes Attend A Clamphitheater Show
Objective – Make Marge Attend A Clamphitheater Show
Objective – Make Krusty Attend A Clamphitheater Show

No text

This unlocks after Easy A part 6 if you buy Dr.Nick

Dr. Feelgood Pt. 1
Objective – Make Dr. Nick Prescribe Medical ****

Mrs. Muntz – Yeah, it’s a real bad case of TMJ, doc. Real bad.
Dr. Nick – I don’t know what TMJ is, so I’ll have to take your word for it.
Mrs. Muntz – Yep. Think you could hook me up– I mean prescribe me something?
Mrs. Muntz – I’m looking to go the all-natural route.
Dr. Nick - Hmm… I don’t know if I can.
Mrs. Muntz – But you’re a doctor.
Dr. Nick – Oh yeah!

Dr. Feelgood Pt. 2
Objective – Make Dr. Nick Meet Otto Behind the Kwik-E-Mart

Dr. Nick - Hmm… I think I’m feeling a little TMJ too. Perhaps I should give this medical plant a try.
Dr. Nick – After all, as a doctor I am required to try all the medications I prescribe!

Dr. Feelgood Pt. 3
Objective – Make Dr. Nick Trip Out

Dr. Nick – Hi, patient Dr. Nick!
Dr. Nick – Hi, Dr. Nick!
Dr. Nick – I just wanted to have a check up with you, after you took that mind-altering medication!
Dr. Nick – I’m feeling very fine. Very fine, indeed.
Dr. Nick - As your doctor, that’s good to hear.
Dr. Nick – Yep! No side effects whatsoever!
Dr. Nick – Yay! We did it!
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