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  • If you want to be that correct, this is the flag of Denmark: The white cross must be 1/7 of the flag's height. The two first fields must be square in form and the two outer fields must be 6/4 lengths of those So no, not that either. ... Point should be, this is how The Mayflower actually appeared in the series: So, yes,…
  • Wiii! Now it's really here. Update/refresh/restart if you can't see it.
  • Give us the link! :) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.game.simpsons4_row&hl=en That's the old version for me
  • Someone on Android get it yet? Please upload the apk-files if so! Getting this update has literally occupied all my day, and soon it's bedtime :shock: :twisted:
  • My town just dissapeared. I had like everything... Haven't played for like a week, logged in now and it's the starting screen with Springfield blowing up and then level 1. And I can't log out. Then I get the "man I hate this screen" screen. My GameID is the same as my name here..
  • Of course it will be expanded sooner or later... Something else would be stupid, how could you create your own Springfield if you can't even fit all the buildings in the map?
  • Anyways, this is what I've done with some of the yard sale items:
  • Who wants a giant grasshopper in their town??! :D[/quote] This I can agree with,some of the stuff is a little over the top, but there's plenty of people who are collectors and want everything so I guess they cater to every kind of player. I used to think maybe its because if they gave us everything at once, what would be…
  • Has there even been a Barney faced Duff blimp in the Simpsons? I say, make stuff that's been in the series first, and first of all the most established stuff. Then you can start thinking about these kinds of "extra" material.
  • Plus the box only needs to be half as big, 1x2 "squares" like the hedge, not 2x2... They were extremely lazy on this one. "Yeah, that'll do, next!"
  • Why the heck does the vending machine require so much space? And why is it centered in it's lot? You can't put it next to a wall or a building like you would with a vending machine in real life. It should be positioned at back end of the "lot", like the lower image here:
  • With only 2 sides of a building available you really can only build 2 sides of a city block, the upper and upper right side you have to "fake". Some buildings can actually be used for an inner yard though, like here: But there arent nearly enough of those. At the very least you should be able to rotate benches, parking…
  • Doesn't work for everyone for some reason. I read that too on another forum, for some it works for some it doesn't. I manage to zoom in by holding left mouse button and using the wheel, but after doing that I can't zoom out or move around...
  • I just got 157,104 xp (max) on level 29, which made it reset to 0 again. Should I collect about 100,000 xp one more time and then stop tapping until there is a higher level? So I won't risc hitting max and having to gather the xp again?
  • I got enough xp to reach level 29 three times, each time I reached max xp it reset to 0 on level 28. The fourth time there was actually a level 29 so I advanced. Didn't the game save that xp before? Or am I remembering it wrong.. If it's changed, whats the incentive to collect xp if you are on the highest level? Then you…
  • The file is saved in the same resolution as you are viewing it. Was that the right way of putting it? lol If you zoom in, you have to take many more shots, and the final image will be bigger and more detailed.
  • Mine wouldn't initiate either, but for some reason it started when I tapped Milhouse
  • I've been playing using Bluestacks for weeks now, since my iPhone's screen stopped working properly. No problems at all, except there is something wrong with the sounds. But I always played the game muted anyway. And yeah, haven't figured out how to zoom in and out.
  • The game really should have a "snapshot" button, which would create a full resolution screenshot of the buildable land saved in your phone. Can't imagine it would be hard to implement, and it would give people an oppurtinity to compare many more towns, many more towns uploaded on the internet = more publicity for the game.

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