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  • Won't work for me, California, USA
  • I have the bug where my town gets wiped clean of things to tap and I am losing millions from this because I only tap buildings that neighbors tap so there is always plenty to tap. I also had a couple of times where some buildings have double handshakes and when I enter my town sometimes I am in the middle and sometimes I'm…
  • I have the quest to put feds in my friends town but I don't have a button to do it. Is it because I have already visited everyone? Edit: I deleted a non-performing neighbor and got someone new, and yes, you can send three feds or tap three buildings, not both.
  • I'm having a problem leaving graffiti because it kicked me in the **** so many times that I got used to not doing it and now I try but I usually remember half way through and only spray one or two buildings. It is hard because so many towns you have to search so much to try to find a building to tapp that you tend to just…
  • They work a lot like the Krustyland guests. They go around pilfering and after a certain amount of time, you can harvest them for a tidy sum of money. I am also not regretting speeding them up.
  • I have 4 towns but only one is a premium town. I saw Gil in every town but the premium one. I really liked that because it didn't bother me when it didn't apply to me. I have one other game that I buy everything the moment it comes out. I miss out on a lot of sales, but I also got to enjoy them longer. I'm not bothered.…
  • I haven't had many combos. I think my best was Nelson pointing and laughing at Barney passed out.
  • It's been 24 hours now with this problem. I am at level 38 and have 99 friends. Deleting a friend was the last thing I was able to do. I need to get back in....please! Before that I had excessive crashes and my towns would say it didn't save properly every time even though it did. Open...Open...Open!
  • The cat just doesn't seem to care. I wish I was having level 7 trouble. I can't get into my blooming game. 24 hours now.
  • I don't think it's a school or work problem people always find time to tap during an event. We are not able to get into the game to tap. It is already 24hours since I've been able to get into the game. I'm hoping people don't defriend me considering I visit every day even when there isn't an event. I am hoping they figure…
  • I'm an obsessive player and I haven't been able to get in my game since 10:00 this morning. It is driving me nuts. I am missing a day of cards. I already had to visit at 1 in the morning because it kicked me out right after I harvested the roses. They really need to make this update more stable. Ever time I log in it says…
  • I don't know about you, but I have never lost progress when it did that. It didn't shut down properly but if you had switched screens during your visit, at least, you know the stuff before the switch was saved properly.
  • I completely agree with the OP. I would like to have my LZ on the outskirts of town where my brown houses are because I visit so often that it is usually the only buildings that are easily tapped. I can't move them to my current LZ because it would completely ruin my design. I think it should be a small easily disguised…
  • I think the problem is house farming because I have everything and at the top level and I have plenty of land.
  • I have two of them because I keep accidently starting an anonymous game and when I get pretty far, I make an account for them. So far, I have been able to stay away from my third.
  • I had the wheel completely skip over the Claus Building and land on money. I had the same thing happen to the Yedi. It took me until I had 109,000 cards until I cleared the wheel. I thought it would never happen, but it finally did.
  • I don't know why this pic loads so slow. The other one didn't and I keep trying. I'm having a lot of problems with the server. I have never done this before, so maybe I'm doing it wrong. How do I get badge? I didn't take a picture of my 50,000 at Halloween. I'm a little more prepared this time, except for bum picture.
  • [/img] I will submit my other pic next.
  • Still have to clear the Claus building and I have 110,000 cards. I don't think I'll ever get it. No matter where the wheel starts it always lands on the same money tile. I think there may be a skunk in the hen house.
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