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  • (Image) The Mission (1999). A HK film by renowned director Johnnie To. This is a stylishly made film with jazzy background music. The gun shoot out scenes are realistically down to earth as compared to the usual typical over the top HK triad fil…
  • (Image) Scary tentacles monster Vegetables aliens
  • (Image) Mangosteen. Not sure if it is easily available elsewhere. In Asia this fruit is known as the Queen of Fruits. The King of Fruits is Durian. This is a cooling food as opposed to Durian, a Heaty food. The meat has intense sweetness and j…
  • (Image) Min Jiang Kueh. A kind of soft pancake with crispy edges with fillings of grounded peanut and sugar. Other kinds of fillings include red bean paste, cheese, coconut. But peanut with sugar is the most popular choice. A very traditional …
  • @johncolombo The scariest episode of Space 1999 for me was the monster with tentacles that could suck people underneath and spited it out as skeletons. Another equally scary episode is the one where there is a race of aliens that looks like walking…
  • (Image) Kway Chap which means rice noodle juice. It is just rice sheets noodles in a herbal, soy sauce soup. And it will be eaten with a set of ingredients in a broth including braised pig organs, Tau Kwa (Firm Tofu), Tau Pok (Fried Beancurd), fi…
  • (Quote) (Quote) All are good songs I am familiar with !
  • (Image) BBQ chicken wings. Usually sold in a set of minimum 2. To go with a sweet sour chilli and some lime juice
  • (Image) The Culprit (2019) A Korean crime investigation thriller film about a murder. It has a good storyline.
  • (Image) Warrior (2019). 10 episodes English drama about tongs (triads) in Chinatown of San Francisco. Once started cannot stopped watching. Good fighting scenes, naked ladies and good storyline. Based on writings of Bruce Lee.
  • (Image) One of the best natural food on planet Earth. I ate this two packets of durian as a meal.
  • (Image) A pork porridge. Adding an egg is optional. If desired, they will crack a raw egg in it and just let the heat of porridge cooks the egg partially.
  • (Image) Wu Assassins (2019). 10 episodes. Once started cannot stop watching. Overall it has a rather cheesy storyline. It has good fighting scenes though. Iko Uwais of the awesome Raid series plays the lead. He was severely underused in Star …
  • (Image) Nasi Paprika. Chicken slices with a bit of vegetables stirred fried with paprika seasoning. Nasi means rice
  • I always say No to Gil to see what he says. Then I buy it off the menu
  • (Image) Seafood stirred fried Bee Hoon wet. If it is flat noodles, then it will be called Hor Fun
  • (Image) Got myself a big plate of food to celebrate 54th National Day of Singapore. As I am a super slow eater, there is no chance for me to get a second helping of food at the buffet table. And it turned out true. I watched the parade live on l…
  • (Image) Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, one of my favourite McDonalds burger. It has two slices of pineapple. Fries is a limited time shaker fries where you add seaweed seasoning and shake in a paper bag provided. I told western tourists next to me …
  • (Image) Rich and Famous (1987) Tragic Hero (1987) This two classic HK triad films are quite low profile as compared to the A Better Tomorrow series. They actually can be watched separately or treated as part one and part two. Ironically they …
  • (Image) The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019). A thriller inspired by true events about the rescue of black Jews from Ethiopia by Israelis agents. Chris Evans is in character as Captain America again but without the powers and costume. He did a lot o…

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