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  • @pigsick57 when you vandalise a friend, the person may suffer a sudden drop in righteousness value. When this happened, he will no longer have a nice five star and also may suffer a very small decrease in bonus %. The person need to bring up the %…
  • (Image) Attack on Titan(2018 - 2019) 22 episodes of around 21 mins each. Intricate and diverse plotline with a complicated lore. But overall it was a good watch. Final season season coming out in late 2020.
  • English is not my native language, I agree with @wadebear's interpretation on the use of bankrupt
  • (Image) Attack on Titan S2 (2017). 12 episodes of about 21 mins each. Attack on Titan : No Regrets (2014 - 2015) There was also a episode 0.5 of 40 plus mins in the bundle on the backstory of one of the character Levi. Plot became more intri…
  • (Image) Attack on Titan S1 (2013). 25 episodes of about 20 mins each. Anime based off a manga. I have previously watched the two live action Japanese versions and like it. This is based on a world where humans live behind a 3 walled compound wi…
  • Hi i fell asleep quite many times in the past when playing TSTO. Generally during harvesting. If I ever want to clear my whole town, it would take more than a hour. I fell asleep due to that before.
  • (Image) Yes @KLmaker we are still having hundreds of cases daily. They are due to proactive testing on the migrant workers living in dormitories. I do not know what is going there, I believe due to the proximity of the living quarters, these work…
  • (Image) Generation War (2013). 3 episodes of 90 min Each. A German mini series that was compared to Band of Brothers. Some viewers even said that it was better than BoB. But after watching it, I feel it nowhere near to BoB in production value. …
  • (Image) City of Desire (2001). This HK film centred around Macau, showcasing it's sex and gambling industry. There were supposedly some undercover cam shots of the operations, which indeed looked real. But for a film of this theme, it was disapp…
  • (Image) Survive the Night (2020). Quite a mundane film though the effects of bullet shots are good and looks practical.
  • (Image) AI Amok (2020). In the not too distant future, AI technology is part of Japan's society. But what happens if it becomes Amok? Quite a big production film but was not thrilling and I did fall asleep a few times.
  • (Image) Stranger Than Fiction (2006). A delightful drama. A good watch.
  • (Image) The Good the Bad and the Weird (2008). A Korean film with good production and good casts. I wasnt really engaged by the plot but there were a lot of good actions like gunfights and horseback actions. At times it reminded me of Indiana Jo…
  • (Image) Nanking (2007) A documentary inspired by the writings of the late Iris Chang. It has actors including Woody Harrelson narrating from the writings of the westerners that were present during the rapes and massacres in Nanking during Japan's…
  • I have been building up my SH resources in preparation for SH land releases. At one point even using donuts. SH lands was available via SH resources back then. Hopefully, they maintained the concept
  • I didn't know this character is Smithers! Thanks @frosted1414
  • (Image) Fatal Move (2008). A star studded HK film about criminals and cops. This film was particularly violent and bloody and in fact was rated a Cat III HK film. The plot got a bit hard to understand at one point. The up and rising martial art …
  • (Image) The Brest Fortress aka Fortress of War (2010). A Russian film about the people and the soldiers in a small city fortress under siege from invading Germans. It has good war scenes and huge body counts. But the film somehow could not elici…
  • (Image) 71: Into the Fire (2010) A Korean War film. This was a rewatch for me. About 71 inexperienced students sent to guard an area against incoming North Korean Army. Supposedly inspired by real events. A good watch.
  • (Image) Paradise Murdered (2007). A Korean mystery thriller about an island where the 17 occupants all disappeared. Generally it was like a dark comedy, the reveal was not very clear to me. Generally an above average watch

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