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  • Thank you. Didn't want to waste Donuts if the character didn't come with it.
  • Doesn't show Dewey just the building? Did the character still unlock?
  • Play through out the day. Have cleaned house from last event of non-players. Been a daily player since almost the release of TSTO. Also, looking for "nice" present droppers. Would rather get 15 that 1 or 5 all the time. 1nbxfan
  • Somebody at EA has been spending to much time playing Family Guy QFS. Same stupid boss battle with same annoying device to get you to spend donuts by having premium outfits to battle faster. As nice as an event as Halloween has been this year, it is to bad they are going down this route now. At least they aren't giving us…
  • You missed nothing, Worst Simpsons Event!!! Was a complete mess.
  • I noticed that my unemployment office doesn't allow me to send everyone on tasks anymore. This was such a nice feature and, I rarely send everyone on tasks as with the 118 characters I have, it takes way to long. Assume it disappeared because it wasn't always functioning properly.
  • It also helps if you've been playing for some time and have a lot of the kids unlocked. Premium kids drop more s'mores than the freemium ones. The more kids you have you get more of the needed currency so it doesn't necessarily mean they play more as, you still have to wait 4 hours for the campfire task to end.
  • You are right, however that is next weeks tasks. This week she will still be fine. It isn't that hard to save up currency for this event and from the looks of it Hugo is probably the best thing there if you are going to save up for something. That or Kodos, which for some reason is really cheap at 250 bunny ears and 250…
  • None of the tasks set for at least this week involve needing Hugo? They should all be passable without him. Don't know though how Hugo ties into House of Evil as already had both. Monday 10/12 Tell a Scary Story at the Spooky Campfire x4 Tuesday 10/13 Squish Zombies x30 Wednesday 10/14 Make Youngsters Make S’mores x15…
  • This was originally a free building from some halloween in the past. I would feel the same way if I purchased a building and found out that it was now given away for free. However, that said what about the new weekly prize box that drops premium items/characters that people also paid for. EA didn't start giving people…
  • Looking for regular players. I've been a daily player since three months into the start of the app. 1nbxfan
  • Nice to have a mini event to keep you interested in playing but, this event is just pointless anyway. It doesn't matter if you have premium characters etc. I've been playing for several years now and spend donuts I earn rather than pay. That aside, when you choose to play against another team, you are always going to…
  • Mine too... But at least they fixed the issue with the things dropping. Was a big disappointment after all the non-drops.
  • Much better rate than my own 1 for 6 so far. This is ridiculous. Don't want to resort to spending 200 clams on a building just to get the correct material.
  • As much as I enjoy the game, the insane clam prices are getting worse and worse. 100 clams to give decorations to a house vs 100 clams to have gotten the smiths house. Where is the logic in this? I realize the decorated house gives items but still that is just nuts. But then I thought 10 donuts to decorate Frinks place was…
  • So far it's been nothing more than watching two video clips. Not missing much. I'm a bit burned out myself after two halloween events. Would be nice to have some breathing room for a week or two and put the phone down.
  • Thanks, yeah I'm on part 9 now but won't finish in time. Not worth the clams to get a bunch of portals. Still great event outside of the having to hit 150 or 200 kids in 3 days.
  • Is the frankenrupert gone? I still haven't ever got him in my town. Don't understand what's up. I have built everything from the cauldron. I also heard that Freddy is somehow tied to that. I have him on a 12 hour quest right now but, he's pretty far along his quest line. I have 15,000 vials and would like to spend them on…
  • Exactly! Don't know what they consider to be an exorbitant amount of currency is. I've got about 900,000 and nothing to buy. But, nobody who spent money and has 2000 unused clams sitting there is just going to stop playing and not fight back. Seems like the week of getting rid of cheaters...Blizzard did the same thing a…
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