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  • I thought it was a bit boring and rather lacking in storyline. It wasn't really funny or interesting or even memorable. Already, I can't remember what the Act One and Two invaders were, why they were there or why we were supposed to be tapping them. Also, I would have liked it if the characters could have got better as a…
  • I'll probably just get through this because I've got Wizard Martin and Angelica Button as well as Treestache and Burns Dragon, but the thing that is annoying (and it would be much more annoying if one was a player without any relevant premium characters) is that the first two acts were so leisurely and rather boring.…
  • OK, so the bad dream house comes with the raven. I've already got the raven, does this mean that I get a discount, since I'm getting just the house alone? The price I'm seeing for the house is 85 donuts.
  • It's not just Casino Nessie who is drawn to the dirt road tiles. It's also all the beasts in this year's Halloween event. I've only got a small amount of dirt road, all of which is in the Old West. It's weird to see all these creatures crammed together on it; and weird to see them all marching down the street from the…
  • They ought to have an option where you could at least throw stuff away even if you can't sell it.
  • I liked it how it used to be, too. You could do it, finish it and stop.
  • Looks like the OP has wandered off from this thread, but I would like to ask which storylines she (or anyone else with an opinion on the matter) considered to be lame because they were too PC.
  • I was a little unhappy about suddenly getting such a deluge of washers and dryers. My town previously had one of each which I had carefully placed around Cletus' farm as one of my very first efforts at landscaping an area. I know that I can sell them, and now that I've been playing for a few years I could have bought…
  • And you can't place cars in parking lots...
  • Perhaps because the game is based on the TV show, albeit somewhat loosely. There's no transgender bar in the show, AFAIK. Also, I can't think of any cross dressing character who is actually transgender. The two are not synonymous.
  • I've often had the problem where the game's sound just stops for no reason, on a Nexus 7. Generally, exiting the game fixes the problem, but occasionally restarting the device is required. I've always been able to get the sound back without re-installing the app.
  • Yep, the last time I logged on, I was heading towards Norbert's plane - I think I got 750 pins when the last flight landed. Now I'm starting again on a 500 pin flight, towards a lost luggage prize. I've got all the lost luggage prizes.
  • Well, that's a surprise. What comes out as "****" was intended to be the accent of the East End of London. I guess it has been censored because the first syllable is a colloquialism for the male member.
  • As an Australian, I certainly don't want to see anything related to the Australian episode ever again. I hated it, and I haven't met an Australian Simpsons fan who didn't (although, mind you, I don't get out much). The accent was an alarming mangled ****, the 'outback' was green when actually it's red and the toilet was…
  • Exactly. It is already quite clear that the game is not to scale. Therefore, a forest can be indicated by two rows of trees; a giant carpark by a dozen car spaces, etc. Store things that you don't like. I didn't like Clash of Clones, and I've stored all three of the castles. Store duplicates where one is enough. I've…
  • It is not possible to address ALL the scaling issues in TSTO and continue to have it as a playable game. If, as you are suggesting, addressing the scaling issue may usher in a new era of peace and harmony on earth, then rescaling would indeed be a sacrifice worth making. Otherwise, there are minor adjustments that could be…
  • You can't think about the scale or else you will go mad. I just try not to put grossly out of scale items next to each other. Take the Brown House, which is presumably meant to be the most modest house. It is the same size as an aircraft hangar, and the same height as Mr Burns' two or three storey mansion. And, to be fair,…
  • I got Arnie because I thought the helicopter looked cool. And it does look cool, but not cool enough to compensate for how annoying it is. Fortunately, I have his Stonecutter skin, so he is permanently grounded.
  • It's not an actual problem. Kill that task and take the alternative. With a bit of luck, you'll get donuts.
  • I haven't minded it. I liked the whole storyline, particularly the Solient Red joke, and the Pinchy twist to the storyline (I loved Pinchy, too). I've had a lot of trouble finding criminals, though - in the whole time of the event so far, I think I've got the message that there are no more criminals in my town about two or…

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