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  • My opinion, they had a developer on staff that came up with a lot of crazy new ideas for each event. It took lots of planning and designing and while the end result was really cool, there were weeks between events where nothing happened and it always resulted in some significant glitches. I’m not talking about the Bart…
  • I do remember an episode where the Simpsons went to UK. It’s been years, probably early 2000’s. All I remember is I think Tony Blair wearing a jet pack greeted them at the airport and after talking to him, Homer said something like “Wow, I can’t believe we got to meet Mr. Bean!” I think it was probably one of the last…
  • Maybe after reaching the max level, you could spend donuts to increase your item limit, maybe 1 donut item per item increase. So increasing by 1000 items would cost 1000 donuts. Then the item limit won’t affect newer players and only people who really needed to increase it, mostly the ones with no issues with donut…
  • That’s a good idea. Might have to think about doing something like that.
  • It’s definitely been crashing more often than normal, even when not farming. Just the “Collect All” has been causing it. Lately it’s been crashing while decorating. Really frustrating. Still not as bad as a few years ago though.
  • Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
  • I can confidently say mine is not the worst town.
  • Congrats on 9 years! Your town looks amazing! It’s one of my favorites to visit. I might have borrowed a few ideas. 🙂. Hope you don’t mind. I’ve been frantically decorating before the snow falls.
  • Looks great! I sent you a friend request so I could take a closer look and you can check out my town. Mine is still under construction but I think my finished parts look pretty good.
  • Does anyone else miss the old Black Friday events where each hour a different character or building would be on sale? Sometimes you had to wake up at 2 am to buy Santa’s Little Helper for half off (or something like that). I always kind of got excited for it. I’d usually spend $20-$40 on donuts and would make a list of…
  • Also I remember an old Easter task for Ralph where he was constantly finding an egg on the ground, dropping in his basket with a hole in the bottom, and then finding the egg again. I could be wrong but I think that task went away when the Easter event ended and never came back.
  • I also really like the singing at Stonecutter Table though I wish more of the stonecutter characters could participate. Homer is always busy with other tasks. Kirk also has some good tasks like working as a scarecrow and his squirrel costume where he’s chasing the nut. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a ton of great tasks.
  • I did really like the groups of trees we got with the wilderness area in Springfield Heights which allowed us to replace 3 trees with one group of trees. I wish they would expand on that if they can’t increase the limit.
  • I was super excited to see him offered as a new Halloween character. Probably my favorite character they’ve offered the last few years and has some great animation but just can’t believe he’s not riding his horse or have a task where he rides his horse. Just my opinion…. Maybe in the future they can offer Ichabod Crane and…
  • It’s definitely a slow process. Probably took me 3-4 years at least to reach the max level. It’s not a bad thing to just enjoy the storylines for each of the characters and do some decorating between levels. I think too many people rush through it so fast that they have a million buildings sitting around with no…
  • How about some sort of On/Off switch for character jobs so they can just continue doing their task without having to collect. Also being able to pick up and place characters where you want.
  • I found it in the main storage screen but not under any specific category. On the main storage screen, you might have to hit the yellow arrow button on the right hand side if you don’t see it. Looks like it’s one building with two skins, one for Columbus Day and one for Halloween.
  • I really like that idea. Pretty much every app game has something like this so not sure why TSTO doesn’t. Maybe if you log in 30 days straight you get a mystery box or 30 donuts. Definitely would incentivize some of the newer players. I feel like this game gets incredibly addicting once you start earning donuts and can…
  • Okay something just came to me. I would spend much more time playing TSTO if the game made it easier to decorate. I know it’s been discussed to death but I just have to vent. I’m trying to decorate my Italian Villa and create a vineyard. I want to add some barrels which I know I have in storage but of course they’re not…
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