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  • You guys act like this game is terrible. It has it's flaws, but come on. This is only year 2 of a reboot. If next year has big problems, then i can see people complaining.
  • Dang. Sorry about that.
  • Please provide more than 2 ways to gain 'Live Streets XP?' It's a joke. This mode requires a total of 3 million XP just to get to level 20 for the trophy. If you don't win, you are lucky to get 1K XP. Even if you DO win, well the most i got was the base 3,000 plus 1,024 extra for in-game feats. This is incredibly unfair,…
  • Yes. Please!!!!!
  • That link doesn't work. Visually, as far as the playing surface is concerned at least. The background (walls, windows) look the same. I also wish there was a way we could play with position lock, the same way as career mode. I don't want to control every player. I want the A.I. to perform on its own, according to ratings.…
  • I loved '18. Wrote a trophy guide for it. I loved the demo for '19, but am a bit let down. The 3 pronged hype thing sucks. Why? because it's so easy to gain Career hype. So many ways to get it, especially in 'The League.' I don't really like the Court Battles, so going for that hype max out might be the last thing i do.…
  • I totally agree. It's bad enough that 'Live Run' hype is the hardest to come by. The 4 qtr idea is great, but the games take too long. If you lose, you get minimal XP. Sometimes games are all but over by halftime. Come on, guys. Balance things out. There are so many ways to get 'Career' hype, but the others are somewhat…
  • What exploit would that be?
  • You can go for the trophies, but 4 or 5 of them are glitched.
  • I didn't notice Vrabel wasn't in when i was going for the 'Full Set' Trophy/Achievement in Franchise mode, where you can control all the coaches. Not a Titans fan, a NYC Bucs fan, so i overlooked Mike.
  • Guys, EASHL drop-ins were my favorite mode in any videogame. What you've done to it is a joke. How do people play a contact sport like Hockey with pom-pom hats on? Concussion city. When i buy a pom-pom hat in real life, i cut that pom-pom off. It is so cheesy. The cabin scenes are cut down, but why do i need to see it?…
  • I agree that the amount is just a complete joke. Then you consider the inexcusable lack of Live Run XP modes! How we can only gain this XP in just 3v3 or 5v5 is just short-sightedness. Why not bring back the 'to 21' 5v5, so we have 2 choices, because some of those games take forever, and if you lose, you get basically no…
  • Thank you for that response. I thought he might be loyal to 2K football and was anti-Madden, lol
  • I have just about had it with wearing Adidas hoodies and parkas in outdoor rinks in EASHL. I have also had enough of that cutscene of that shed between faceoffs. What were they thinking? It was cute in the beta, and for awhile in the full game, but it doesn't feel right anymore. I also can't stand all the clutter in the…
  • Those trophies are for level 25, bro. Not 20.
  • You're right about 'CLUTCH.' I failed 4 times, not hitting the green on the meter correctly. The time i know i got it right with Klay Thompson, nothing popped. I wasn't very happy. 'Shooter's touch' glitched on me as i got it in Shootaround last season. I tried there again, did all shots, but nothing. I went back again…
  • I know it's months later, but this trophy can be boosted. I boosted with someone and eventually got all the trophies for the '18 Plat.
  • So much fun playing for the SYD's or BBY's. Give me a break. When Vegas made their run last year, almost every lobby, someone chose their jersey. No way to do that now. Sad.
  • I didn't see this post. I posted something similar. It feels so empty now. I even wonder why the lobby chatter was removed late in the '18 season. There were some classic moments! They flucked this up and must change because this was my favorite mode. Anyone have a problem with 3's stats couple with EASHL stats? Seems…

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