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  • I forgot to add that it's impossible to play again with the 5 or so we had in the previous game. We are directed back to the main menu every time. Why? The beauty of drop-ins with randoms is sometimes you get the perfect match and would like to play again with some players. We can't do that now.
  • Cut down on the ticky-tack interference or tripping penalties, especially in one goal games. 'Let them play!' I might have posted this before, but the player models seem too big for the ice. This is something that i think all will agree with. It is ridiculous how clustered things get at times.
  • Face scan, yes! Manual training, well i don't know how long that would appeal to me, but the current is kind of weak.
  • I have found out that if a person quits before the end of the game, you don't get the trophy. This was confirmed on playstationtrophies.org. This is odd, because in NHL if you quit, thats a loss for the quitter, W for the winner. As for the GM list 2 thing, i got the trophy early on and really don't remember what i did or…
  • You guys would know more than me, since i'm a casual hoops fan, but i've had an absolute blast. Going for all the trophies were well worth it. I still play street and may go back to Lut.
  • Is there another you can do? I didn't have any problems getting this trophy to pop.
  • I agree with this. I have about 900K and nothing that i deem worthy to spend on atm.
  • I was thinking this the other day. I just got all trophies and wanted to go back to just playing street for fun. I was wondering if i could access my stats. W/L would be nice as well, but i was wondering about tracking individual stats.
  • I haven't seen this happen. People have quit and didn't get credit for a loss and vice versa.
  • I hope EA can finally make the players smaller, or at least the rinks bigger. There is way too much congestion in 6 on 6 games. In the real NHL, you have some time to 'work' out there. In this game, there's always someone right up on you with no room to breathe. I also would like to see classic All Star jerseys, like the…
  • I believe 'it's in the game.' Play Draft Champions and see how the difficulty ramps up on the fly, by game 3. Sometimes by game 2. Game 1 is a snowflakefest. Shameful stuff.
  • I was surprised none of the games were outside!!! What a joke this game is. I can't believe that i am seriously thinking about skipping NHL '19.
  • There's another thing right there. What is the point of making ratings if you can be at 99 and still struggle against the demon A.I.? Draft Champions suffers badly from that. It is in fact, shameless cheating.
  • I agree that it's garbage, but unfortunately, i'm a trophy hunter. This may be the only one i cannot get.
  • I agree. Then you add that this is an EA game. They're too busy putting in cards, to take our money, i guess.
  • Thankfully, they did show up. This is inexcusable, though.
  • I am having this problem at the moment. I tested it again after 3 players - 2 bronze PG's for the GM list 2, and a 90 rated Wes unseld - didn't show up in my inventory, and weren't in the 'won' section. The Unseld was gotten last night, but the PG's were from a couple of days ago. For the 'test' i noticed a prompt to hit…

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