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  • I have made some performance improvements to the site, and made it a bit more simple. Since Launch over 3,000 people have Used TappedOutFriends.com to fill their friend list! The site has over 2,800 Likes on Facebook! There are currently over 300 people who are actively looking for fellow Simpson's: Tapped Out players on…
  • I have seen the same thing. I built the Cemetery and the Pet Cemetery and then the Halloween quests stopped coming. Something like this happened when the game first launched and to get past it you had to find the right quest to jumpstart the game. Hopefully this time it will just resolve itself quickly.
  • Update: The site has had over 1500 users! Over 200 are actively looking for friends right now, and there are over 600 unique visitors to the site everyday. All that means you can fill you 100 friend spots quickly and easily just by signing up. http://www.TappedOutFriends.com
  • Just wanted to bump this. Personally I think this is better then grabbing names off of a forum. There is a max of 100 friends, so when you add people you need to make sure they are currently looking for friends (so you don't waste your time). TappedOutFriends.com automatically retires users and easily allows them to take…
  • My Problem Fixed! I am sure it may just be a random problem/solution but here is what happened. After 5 days of not getting any "story line" quests, I got a non story line quest to send Moe and Krusty to the track. I decided to send Homer to the track as well (which I have done half a dozen times since reading this post).…
  • I am at Level 20 and am running into the same issue. I have tried: - Sending Homer and Bart on their 24 hour missions (suggest somewhere else) - Sending Homer to the Track (suggested here) Neither of those got it unstuck. The last "story line" quest I had, I believe, was the Wiggam "Miranda Rights Pt. 4" (but that was 4…
  • EA Released different versions in different countries when the game was out. From comments they have made it sounds like the intention is to get everyone on the same version when they re-launch the game. For now if you want to visit other Springfields, it is best to add people from your own region (i.e. I know the US can…
  • If you are looking for a better way to add friends on Tapped Out, check out http://TappedOutFriends.com! The site lets you keep track of who you have added as well as know what country users are from before you add them (Useful in getting around the "Newer Version" Issue) TappedOutFriends.com
  • If you are looking for friends, check out http://TappedOutFriends.com, it is a little site I threw together to help people find new neighbors. It launched a few days ago and there are already over 80 people looking for friends on the site! It is a good way to fill up your friends quota quick!
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I think that the different version numbers in the survey are because they released different versions in different countries (I think this is also why if you have a friend in a different country you can't visit their Springfield). I am hopeful that once they re-release the game they will have…
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