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  • I agree with Excruciator69. The pacing of this event is less binge-like and seems designed to address the problem where some players will finish an event in the first three days while others will use the entire time alotted to finish. I think the idea is to continually maintain that feeling of seeing dangling…
  • Same here. Problem is I get more gremaliens than eggs. I'm about three days behind in egg reciprocation. (Yes, I keep track. No, I do not have a spreadsheet.)
  • This is also still happening to me: the probes from gremaliens I leave in friends's towns don't get added to my total (and I've kept track when opening/closing the game, etc.). Luckily my UFO loot is being added appropriately.
  • Aside from the below (which clearly isn't working as it's supposed to, and hasn't yet been changed in the OP to reflect how it is working, as several people have noted), this is an amazing bit of communication. It's not that we're dealing with anything intellectually demanding, here, but it is quite messy. And brettolmsted…
  • Alpha with color coding sounds terrific! This way you could easily find any particular character (via alphabet) and also zoom (loving the fast scroll) through the list to see who's on, not on, or has completed a task. Since the two typical types of play style seem to be either all characters free or all characters on the…
  • Alpha organization is good with me, too. But if you're going to further sort, for me the most relavent categories would be: 1.) waiting for something to do, 2.) performing a task, and 3.) completed a task but still running around with a yellow thumbs-up because you missed me on your first pass through town. Although not…
  • Well, you could try having all your characters in sync with the quest line - although with the number of characters we now have this can be a bit challenging especially if, for instance, the quest line calls for something like two one-hour tasks in a row.
  • I haven't bothered to compare items for quite a while (and I am not yet at the point where the aspirational items are my conversion items of choice) so I'm happy to hear there is a more efficient way to dump my cash. Thanks, everybody!
  • Oh, no. I'm still using weather stations. Is that pass??
  • Do you auto-collect when you visit friends? I do, and so often I only realize that I've gotten a donut because I've decided to dither in a friend's town (to see what they've done with the daycare center, say) and I hear Homer's dialogue, "Hmmm. Premium currency." Edit: I guess I mean to say I usually don't wait for the…
  • I regularly (a couple every other day, or so) got donuts during Easter. This didn't ameliorate my dissatisfaction with the event, however. Edit: The same is true for this event (re: getting donuts but not the dissatisfaction, 'cause I'm loving the Stonecutters event), so far. Of course, I began both events with maxed-out…
  • There is. A rope of sheets tied together gets thrown out a window.
  • Unable to login to both TSTO and Scrabble. Loving the Stonecutters event. Edit: able to sign into TSTO and play in my town for short periods, but keep getting booted off the server. Unable to access friends. Looks like a temporary server issue. (Never afraid to state the obvious!)
    in DOWN! Reply by Aennilya June 2014
  • I got donuts visiting neighbors all during the Easter event. Maybe 1 or 2 donuts every second or third time between visits. It's the same with the latest update (so far).
  • What a great post, neuroheart! Halloween was a blast (Mmmmmm, donuts) and Christmas was fun despite the random elements because it was doable if you really worked at it - and I'm perfectly happy to work my fanny off if I know I can complete an event. But say I want to spend my money rather than my time, I'm also happy to…
  • I have received a few Frink Points from neighbor taps on buildings in both my main town and in a feeder town, but only a few times early on after I updated. And the time it happened in my feeder town was weird: I have 2 feeder towns. In feeder town A I tapped 1 graffiti and 2 visited buildings from town B. I got 1 FP for…

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