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  • Happening here too. Scrolls half a screen and then stops like someone hit the brakes. Made friend visits slooow. It was fine right before the update. I'm on Android 4.4.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you all get to spend the day with those you love and that you were all on Santa's nice list! :)
  • (Quote)
    Yes, it was, you'd have to be zoomed in to catch a glimpse of the (quickly disappearing) name!

    I wish they would quit being wishy washy with the friend mechanics from event to event, or even the inclusion of them. The b…
  • (Quote) Present dropping equals good. Easter basket eqeals bad. A lot of them were broken.

    That's what I figured! Forgot about that with the baskets, was my first event, everything was new and confusing, …
  • (Quote)
    :D Alrighty John, I stand corrected! Erm, I think. Is that " Easter baskets were bad, M'kay?" or "Presents were bad, M'kay?…
  • [/quote]

    I remember with the presents, they would get hidden behind buildings. You'd have to make the building transparent to find them.

    I like the ideal for skins for the shops. I got the valentines skin for the nuclear plan…
  • (Quote)
    Yes please! Only I'd like to see some of the other original/lower level businesses get some Xmas love. Like, King Toots, coffee shop, Post Office, Library, Wax museum, police station, etc.

    I wasn't around for the Depot …
  • (Quote)
    RIP Gordie, he is missed here in Hockeytown land. This is the last season for the Joe in Detroit, hoping to go to a game to pay my respects to both. And yes please to the Great One or anything hockey in the game (instead of Tapball…
  • (Quote)
    I think he definitely, defiantly, misspelled definitely. :D

    And there was a time, before all the bonuts that I, i…
  • (Quote)
    Pretty sure we got them during Clash of Clones (you prob know that and mean method ;) ), I think I can picture placing it by…
  • Glad to hear you now get to enjoy your hotel Wdonna, thanks for updating! It sure took long enough but you're prob right about the patch, wasn't high enough priority to warrant it's own.
  • Yeah, it was odd, got back in and did a couple things. Got kicked back out, it let me back in where none of the actions had took. And weirdly I noticed all the people fighting were in the opposite front to back positions from when I set them.
  • (Quote)
    Aww, this is late, but have a hug Bluntcard, I know the feeling and it sucks!

    And to the topic, I had this problem long ago when I first started but it wasn't long lived and resolved. Now I'm a sap that keeps neighbors …
  • It's just now happened to me for the first time, haven't been affected up until now like others have been. Eye of newt! (That should be allowed... ;)
  • (Quote)
    You, me and apparently a whole lot of people based on all the protests happening! Listened to a bit of BBC news, seems to be a lot of overseas shock chatter too.
  • [/quote] I must have.missed that part of the dialogue but you're right, Barney as the Hunchback would have been spectacular! [/quote]

    I know! (Said like Elaine in Seinfeld). It was just a one bubble blurb, I looked briefly but couldn't …
  • Okay, I swear I'm not crazy. Just checked my OS and it was Jessica. I know it was Janey just two days ago! I rarely tap in OS, just hit the home button when I cycle back. I keep Janey on her laptop task in my town and for some reason I paused…
  • Thanks for the belly laugh! Wait, has Arney sunk to predicting news stories now? ;)
  • Funny, I thought about starting a tread on this exact topic at the beginning of the event. When we got the Bell Tower there was a bit of dialog from Barney saying something like "home sweet home". Why didn't they run with that?!

    How perf…
  • Mine is the same way, but with Janey! She is always sitting with her laptop, gets up and walks to the left. I guess I thought it was the same for everyone. I don't have Jessica, wonder if that's the difference? Haven't paid enough attention to answe…

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