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  • I think you're being hard on yourself KP, I don't think daily visits are expected outside of events. I have been the same lately, just don't have the time or inclination to visit neighbours as much as normal. And nor do all of them visit me, in fact lots hardly visited even during the xmas event. In fact some of my…
  • I didn't vote 'cos I am in almost exactly the same situation as you - 250 donuts and can't decide what to buy with them! I always thought I'd get Frink's lab, but now I'm not sure - i don't think it will blend in nicely with the rest of my town. But I do kind of still want it...sorry I'm not much help am I! :?
  • Finally cleared the wheel today at 85k gift cards! Claus Co eluded me for ages, I'd resigned myself to possibly not getting it at all! But now I'm really pleased at getting everything :D
  • How timely, I tapped your corn when I visited your town earlier Louise - and I hadn't even seen this thread! Feeling smug at my own good-neighbourly-ness now :lol: (Thanks for your return tap on my Ch6 btw!) Hardly any of my neighbours have corn now, it all got wiped out with the update. I'm a bit more focussed on…
  • I started a second town today and also found the Jebediah statue trick wasn't working. I did a bit of googling and came across the same advice, apparantly it works after Homer lounges in the pool. OP the fence thing isn't true, as you've probably gathered by now... :)
  • I don't think I'd have the willpower to save them up, I like to return the favour when a neighbour leaves me a giftbag. And as the gift bags are hard to come by anyway, I'm rather give them to my 'best' neighbours (ie. the ones who visit most regularly, and especially those who were kind enough to tap my tile/ch 6 etc when…
  • Thanks for this, I saw a coin ready over a neighbour's eggnog bar yesterday but I was afraid if I tapped it would steal their coin or something. Good to know it's actually helpful.
  • I'm glad it's not just me who was feeling bad about this! A couple of my neighbours have been extremely generous and left me 5 bags. I've tried to give at least 1 back to everyone who's given me some, but there isn't nearly enough. I don't understand about how you get gift bags in neighbours towns though. How does that…
  • That happens when the neighbour you're visiting has been inactive - if you see someone elses name it means another neighbour was the last one to tap, not the town's owner. It's usually a sign that the person hasn't played for a few days, or may have stopped playing altogether. If you tap the same buildings each time you…
  • Another tapoholic here. I tried to do this once a few weeks ago when I woke up at 6.30am and my partner was still asleep. He woke up and caught me in the act. Very embarrassing as I had successfully hidden my tapping addiction from him until then. :oops: Now when he sees me playing he nags me to stop. He doesn't play TSTO,…
  • I think mine was in the finding friends section too....
  • I'd take it as a compliment. I see some amazing designs in other people's towns that I really admire. My own town is not properly 'designed' as yet, so I doubt anyone would want to copy or take inspiration from it just now, but I'd be flattered if eventually someone liked any of my design enough to want to copy it in their…
  • oh no!! That's got to hurt. Sorry to hear that :(
  • Yes it was a nice little surprise this morning - free donuts, yay! :)
  • You get the XP 3 times this way, but your friend will only get 1 tile. Basically you can't leave another tile tap right on top of your previous one - it will look like that from your end, but from your friend's side each tap you leave will 'eat' the last, unless you co-ordinate with them via pm or origin chat for them to…
  • Hello neighbour! :D I was going to get Frink with my freemium donuts, but I'm seriously tempted by Bumblebee man 'cos of the 24 hour Channel 6 task, which with the multiple-tap-thing would give good payouts. I'm at level 37, but I'm still building stuff so extra cash is always very handy.
  • 230+ in storage. More than I want or need but I am leaving my tile up (and still tap others') for the XP. :)
  • Pseudonumon, I have the same issue, I spend a lot of time visiting neighbours to tap their tiles/farm/ch 6 etc and so many of them don't do the same for me. Some of my neighbours are great, and I still get lots of XP from tapping other people's tiles even if they don't tap back, but it would be nice to recieve more…
  • Also promoted, wasn't expecting it either since I didn't think I posted at all in the run up to the 22nd! Might have to find an avatar now.
  • I also never have spare water but no trouble getting tile taps. Sometimes taps just don't show, I don't think it's anything to do with your water.

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