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  • Back during the original Wacking Day the RSI got so bad I moved onto a stylus for play during events. Never looked back. Outside events I'm #teamfinger largely because my tablets to big to use thumbs with and my phone has a case which makes it easier to use my fingers
  • I bought Laura Powers. I usually save the Premium items on each level for quiet periods and I've fallen way behind. A combination of almost non-stop events and general lack of interest of logging in as often due to the non-stop crafting.
  • You have to "create" stuff. 1st you spin a "Spinner" to find out what you need to create. 2nd collect eggs in a basket of the right colour to spin the jobs spinner to find out what jobs you need to do. Jobs will be things like 10,000 30 second tasks, or 5,000 30 second tasks plus 2,000 3.25 hour tasks. 3rd Splat Gremaliens…
  • Prediction: Counter will keep counting at a steady rate. Each day it will count a little quicker. Last prize will arrive a few days before the event ends.... Magic 8 Ball says.... Hmmm...
  • Although mysteriously prizes were spread pretty evenly throughout the event. And programming a system to receive information about currency being collected is much harder than scheduling prizes to release at a given time... /cynic
  • There is another thread on here that explains how that specific car can be put on the road. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10339638.page Edit: Found thread
  • A what? You mean like a place they can put downloads onto a CD? And Springfield is definitely missing a public transport system (including the previously mentioned Monorail). I mean the only bus service takes me to EuroKrustyland and look how that turned out
  • I used to read Dar's stuff until they had a major bust up with the reading service I use and pulled all her titles from there. As I read over 200 titles I figured their loss. Shame as her autobiographical comic was a favourite 10 years ago... Anyway on topic comment. I'm squirrelling away the trees like crazy. If they ever…
  • Only problem with that the trend is that the pound has been strengthening against the dollar over last 3 months. Although the difference between 1st May and 1st of June is a decrease of about 1 cent.
  • I want a button that does whatever I'm thinking would be a great thing for a button to do right at that second. I'd also like a button that would create more buttons. And a button that would cause a pop up that says "Would you like to press a button?". In addition a button that would automatically click itself would be…
  • 4) Always assume EA will mess up in some way 5) Always start with the assumption every event will be a grind until it is clear it isn't 6) If you talk about Fight Club over PM it helps if the person you talk to logs in otherwise they will find it a week later when its too late 7) Check the forums for event target charts.…
  • I'm sitting on $230 million. In fact I normally keep it at $200 million and buy/sell decorations with any extra for the XP. I have only bought one or two or the aspirationals as I find them too large and unsightly to put in my town. Seems a little pointless just to build and store them. So if EA did bring out a range of…
  • I'm predicting a "Who killed Mr Burns" event. Complete with Clock Tower and Sundial. Each day a different character will come under suspicion with daily tasks. To the surprise of no one the last day will reveal that Maggie did it with her becoming a playable character. #dreaming
  • Keep my cash at about $200million. Spend any excess on decorations to cash in for XP. No idea on my multiplier. Somewhere around 240% I think
  • Outside last Easter (1,000 baskets... grr... no don't go there) then it dates back to before we had the confirm donut spend button. Back then you scrolled through the decoration list and right at the end were the 3 Funzos. If you weren't careful when the screen would not scroll anymore it assumed you wanted to buy a Funzo.…
  • I heard he's coming with the next update. But he's going to be premium priced with only one task, a 12 hour indoor task that needs Homer free....
  • @4junk3000 Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today.... There isn't a formal request place but sometimes when things get a lot of support in threads on the forum they appear in the game a few months later. That might be coincidence, might not, who knows (other than the developers). But EA have shown they read the…
  • I disagree that EA did not want people to finish Easter. I think EA really messed up the maths of how the event would work. The basic premise works OK but they got cute with the Common/Uncommon/Gold split which messed things up. Make Pink and blue equal, no need to switch using baskets, and the event would of been much…
  • Me too, but back in the day (said from my rocking chair with lots of young whippersnappers sitting on the floor looking at the old guy) I was finishing really early. It was more a comment that recent events have had some kind of limitation on being able to complete so soon. Wheels of "chance", restricted number of elves,…
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