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  • hah that's hilarious
  • That's been going on for years, it's worse in FIFA compared to Madden (and NHL) though. Some games teammates just stands there and lets the opponent just whiff by, or even your controlled player refuses to respond according to your input.
  • Since I got Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, I thought I'd take a dab at the trial of NHL 21 and after 3+ hours of installation I immediately went in and started a career mode. Well, I barely lasted 15 minutes, what awful awful awful gameplay against the AI. Last time I was that frustrated was in NHL 09 on XB360 that caused me to…
  • Their attitude towards offline customers has changed ever since MUT gained traction, they make more off ultimate team over offline users nowadays. I'm a franchise/career type guy myself but the past few versions of Madden has been nearly unbearable in CFM (same for FIFA's CM). Also a long time Madden player since 1989 on…
  • I can't stand their bright neon green jersey/pants uniform, however the green top with blue pants and helmet actually looked decent. Wouldn't mind seeing that in game.
  • 18 was probably the worst to me with the random events that you can't even prevent. 20 is OK, not great but certainly better than 19 was and franchise mode with authentic setting (and super xfactor abilities turned off) has been one of the better since Madden 08. However I don't like how every QB can become an unstoppable…
  • NBA 2K20 are you talking about? That's one of the worst 2K releases in a while, have fun with that.
  • ^ this, goalies has been terrible for years now. When a goalie should be making a pad/glove/blocker save, he decides to poke instead. I think it all started with this generation console (2014/15)
  • I thought to myself the other day that QB's are hard to stop when they want to run or scramble. as QB I had 3 rushers coming at me, I ran to make room for a pass, but one got to me and my QB did a spin move and ducked under the second rusher and ran to the open and threw the ball. This is Eli Manning to Tyree 2007 Super…
  • Passing back on a breakaway... only in EA's NHL, and maybe the Colorado Avalanche. I haven't played NHL since 18, and IMO AI has been horribly bad since PS4/XB1 came out (starting with the unfinished NHL 15), NHL Legacy (16?) on Xbox 360 has sensible AI in comparison.
  • I stuck with NHL 10 on my 360 til the PS4 came out and I was excited to get NHL 15 until I Saw the lack of features so I canceled out on buying then bought it when it dropped to $16 CAD- ooof regret. 16, 17, and 18 weren't much better despite features getting added, the gameplay is what matters to me the most and gameplay…
  • Goalie poke check has been in there for years, logically when a goalie should be making a save with his leg or catcher/blocker, he decides to poke instead and if you time the deke properly he's left open for the 5-hole shot. AI has never been smart in the NHL series with the current gen (PS4/XB1). Just cheese it.
  • Yeah I skipped 19, saw no reason over 18 I got for $13 last spring.
  • I feel bad for anybody that buys this.
  • I've made non-traditional hockey plays against AI, not easy to do but it can fool them and gives you half a second to pull it off. I once lobbed the puck in the air over the net from behind the net and my winger in front of the net batted it down past the goalie. that was a weird play but worked.
  • NHL 07 says hi. But I find AI in 18 very strange and bizarre, same with puck physics and odd goaltending behavior. This is in BAGM btw.
  • I wish I still had NHL 10 for my 360 but I got NHL Legacy, still plays decently. But I've been playing Gran Turismo Sport and other racing games on PC a lot lately, lost interest in other game genres for now.
  • yeeeeep my post got deleted after explaining what I experienced. Well about that 81 speed player catching up to a 99 speed player, yup it happens, I wrote a post complaining about it before too https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/comment/1889927#Comment_1889927
  • Can't say that NHL 17 and 18 ha any of this, but NHL 15 most certainly did (don't remember if 16 did or not)- it had blatant intimidation and tilting. There was even evidence that turning down aggression got rid of intimidation. Oh yeah about that 81 player catching a 99 player, I actually wrote a post complaining about…

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