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  • Not an original POV but; imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.
  • Dang! It's back, and I'm in full relapse.......
  • Just erased the game frommy iPad and downloaded it fresh from the App Store. Logged in and, same thing. I may be free of this game. No way I'm starting again.
  • I'm getting a message that 'my other device didn't save my Springfield' and to log on to that device first. There's a toggle for Okay or Play Anyway. Thing is, I don't play on any other device. I'm afraid to log on and lose who knows what? Anyone with suggestions?
  • It's that Russian matryoshka virus........
  • I'm getting kicked off pretty regular on my ipad right the last couple of days as well.
  • If you have eggs to spare..... I could use a LOT! Thank you Balderthan
  • Good idea shesaid: tried that, but not enough room IMO. Besides, not sure anyone would understand the code. I suggest only for next time, on the off-chance that EA programmers check here for good input. (In my experience as Mod in another forum in another decade, the volume of negative kind of buries the detail embedded in…
  • The price of outrageous success is that there are even more jerks to deal with. Fortunately, they decline in ratio. Unfortunately,that is not immediately apparent.
  • So THIS is where I should have posted my Good Neighbourino idea...... I think it would be nice to know who's visiting our Springfield so you could know who to reward with eggs or hearts or whatever is the interaction of the moment. As it was during the Valentines/ hearts event, you knew who was giving you hearts so you…
  • Yeah, the only way is starting a PM conversation here telling someone how many you've given and when. It's the Egg Buddy thing others have mentioned here.
  • I got one. Immediately wasted it as I hadn't yet learned about settings for the speed-up-with-donuts feature....
  • I only swap eggs with those who PM me directly so we can keep track of who gave what to whom. Same for same amount. I've got about 90-100 eggs a day to swap. PM me, then we'll join each others universe, k? Balderthan
  • I've got 60 - 80 eggs a day to trade with someone. Any takers? Pm me. Balderthan
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