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  • I do 11 at a time since that's how many RTTs will fit between two pieces of road I set up as markers at the edge of my city. I don't have to count as I place them.
  • The Mystery Box route also creates Lard Lands, which generate money that can be converted to donuts via KEM or Rat Trap Trucks. I think I did the math once and figured that a LL was worth about 10% of a donut per four hours. It adds up.
  • One thing I've done to help cut down collection time is to figure out all the buildings where my characters have 4-hour tasks. Then, I spread those buildings out about a screen's distance from each other. Then, I cluster the rest of the money-making buildings around those buildings (the non-money making decorations fill in…
  • I log onto TSTO 4 or 5 times a day. At that rate, I can complete the Railroad task in an average of 1.05 days. Yes, I tracked it for a while. My spreadsheet shows that if I sent all the RR characters on 4hr jobs instead, they would take 4.1 days to make the same 5 donuts. Sending them on RR business is more efficient for…
  • Only the first time I played. My Simpsons house was in town and I was sure what to expect or what to hit. I lost the game. But then, I moved the house out to a snowy field and haven't missed a Funzo since. I get 21 or 22 each game.
  • Or, even simpler, just have a checkbox on each item to "hide" it. Plus one checkbox on the settings screen to show or not show hidden items. Done.
  • One bonus tip is to zoom in to the max and then start clicking on the Funzo icon. Right after the picture changes, just tap in the exact center of the screen to hit the Funzo every time. Cheers!
  • I bought about 40 and found another 259 in storage!
  • I'm just poking along with only 815 (and about 150 more that I can instantly create via Rat trucks).
  • Good questions. At my multiplier (1275%) I need 7 KEMs to hit a million XP. I farm out about 75 per cycle, so that gives me about ten bonut boxes. I use the "only open another box if you are guaranteed improvement" box-opening strategy, so that gives me an average of 2.667 donuts per bonut box. So, I earn about 30 donuts…
  • I still have a lot of land to buy, so I need to keep a positive cash flow while KEM farming. Whatever positive cash I make in a day I turn into more land. So, my cash does stay about even every day ($3 million).
  • I am lazy. I have a corner of the board set up for KEMs. I have blocked the area off with roads. When placing KEMs, I let the first one drop anywhere and then just keep clicking the check-mark and letting the new buildings go wherever the program wants to put them. The roads keep them from going outside the designated…
  • I only have about 8 left in my box and I don't really want half of them. I've opened enough of these boxes to know that my first four picks will be the lame ones. And, the ones that I do kind of want have huge footprints and won't work with my town. Eh. Maybe I'll try some boxes later.
  • Yes. I have scored all of the lights in previous seasons. I have no more to get.
  • I find that donuts come up about a third of the time. And, with three slots and the ability to throw one slot away each day, I can score donuts five or six times a week.
  • With the update, I have no lights available in the store.
  • Personally, I approach farming with a balanced approach. Too many KEMs and it takes forever to harvest them all and place them all again -- someone above mentioned spending 90 minutes on it! I place about 75 at a time and it takes 3 minutes to place them all and 2 minutes to harvest and sell them all. In a cycle (clearing…
  • When you are just starting out, one thing to be careful is to not spend all of your cash buying KEMs. You will need to save about $50k per level that you expect to gain so that you can spend it to make a second or third try at the donut boxes. I made that mistake a couple of times when I first started farming and,…
  • Thanks. It still seems sort of worthwhile to do about 20 of them. Offhand, it looks like it would cost me about 25 donuts worth of cash to build 20 GNBs and then I'd gain 1 donuts worth of cash every 4 hours. After a week, I'd have recouped the investment and be getting a free donut every cycle. I can't see that it'd be…
  • I stuck to the Decorations box and the Bronze box. I ended up with about a 40% increase in bonus and some new characters and buildings (by my calculations for my multiplier, every $54k in cash buys me one donut).
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