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  • I still cannot connect @ 5:50 EST.
  • Feel free to add BlakeC02309 (Zero, Two, Three, Zero, Nine)! I play multiple times a day! Level 140 (somewhere around there)! EDIT: Wow! That did not take long to fill up 20+ friend spots! Thanks to all that sent request! Full list now.
  • Feel free to add me BlakeC02309 (Zero, Two, Three, Zero, Nine)! Im play multiple times a day! Level 140 (somewhere around there)
  • Daily player. I have many open friend spots! I always have buildings to tap in my town! Please add me BlakeC02309 (Zero Two Three Zero Nine) Thanks!
  • I, too, have had this problem since day one of this event. Unfortunately for me it's been more like 90% of the time the name is not shown for prospectors dropped in my town. Like others have said, sorry to my neighbors, because I like to reciprocate to those who drop prospectors in my town. Best way for me to be fair, I…
  • I am also having the problem with the "Challenge the Day" task.. I've completed the Daily Challenge but nothing rewarded either.. I'm currently trying to see if any answer to this problem.. As for your issue with the Burns' Casino Players Club. Objective 1 is to "Collect Casino Chips for the Prize Track", I think they…
  • Update: Not that anyone cares.. Haha! :wink: :thumbup: But I now have the Hangar, and NARA building is back! Thank you EA Specialist Karen for fixing the issue, and the kind words about my town! (Though I'm sure she won't see this, Haha!) Time to get back to Tappin'!
  • Haha.. 40+ hours later, and still no resolution.. Funniest thing is that my NARA building has disappeared during all this as well, so I can't do any task to collect stars in the meantime.. Oh well, I suppose, It is what it is! LoL! :thumbup: My main problem with all this is that I'm worried about working on other…
  • I had a live chat with EA support.. They are currently working on the problem for me and I will be notified when they resolve the issue.. For anyone having this issue, or similar issue, I suggest contacting EA
  • I am also having this issue.. Completed all tasks to unlock Hangar, but no Hangar was given.. I've uninstalled/reinstalled 2 times.. and nothing worked so far.. Did the original poster get an answer or solution to this problem yet?
  • I know I over-reacted earlier... Frustration from the work day just added fuel to the fire, haha.. I realize presents can very easily get hidden behind buildings and such! Sorry for blowing off too much steam here! :thumbup: And much appreciation to my neighbor, smohqy! All the neighbors!
  • Even after the Level 58 Update I received this past night, September 17, 2015, my town still had this problem of the building auto-clearing. I decided to do, I think, my fourth uninstall/reinstall in the past 36 hours. My town does seem to be back to normal now!! I've switched back and forth between the friend screen and…
  • This problem is also happening in my Springfield.. It does seem like I do receive money but not totally sure.. Sorry to my neighbors if there is nothing to tap in my Springfield! Please forgive me! :lol: :lol: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  • I didn't notice this problem within my game until the recent patch/update fix within 2 days ago, that included receiving my 2nd Spuckler baby, and getting rid of the negative task problem. I was only allowed TWO (2) Trades for blueprints today, FOUR (4) the day before. Considering this is the main way to receive a decent…
  • I have a handful of Friend spots open! Level 56, daily player, and there will ALWAYS be buildings to tap in my town for Friends! Origin ID: BlakeC02309 (Zero, Two, Three, Zero, Nine)
  • Origin ID: BlakeC02309 I am also having this problem. Quest called "Greatest Joke Ever Told" with a Ned Flanders task "Emergency Bible Study" (Something like that) -89/1. I also did not receive my second Spuckler baby, which I see many others are having this problem too. Also can't store Springfield Heights buildings:…
  • Ok.. Thanks Brickevand :thumbup:
  • How do I earn Mutant Seeds????
  • I am having the same issue.. I actually had just posted in the Bugs and Issues section about 20 minutes before I saw you posted this.. Like I said in my post, it is more of just an inconvenience, so yes, kind of annoying! Heheh
  • So I just updated my Springfield #2, And I got the dialogue between Mr Burns and Smithers about the "New Mystery Box" and then they gave me a FREE Mystery Box.. But when I updated my Springfield #1 about 12 hours ago, I did see that there was the NEW Mystery Box in the shop (For 6 Donuts), BUT I had no dialogue between Mr…

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