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  • Next time try using google translate so that perhaps somebody could understand your message.
  • Has EA *ever* put out "official word" of *any* TSTO event before it hits the server? Seriously, I don't follow EA (or any company for that matter) on any form of social media, so if it doesn't show up in the play store description or on this forum, I'd never see or hear of it.
  • I've been playing since it was released on Android (2013? I can't recall exactly). I have absolutely no interest in nuking/redesigning my town, way too much effort. Without any new content, I'm on my way out ... haven't played in a week now, probably won't bother with it any more unless or until Google notifies me there's…
  • Just in case OP is not a troll and is serious .... Let me help clarify things. To remove oneself as a neighbor to someone else, you have to be IN the game to unfriend someone. As you are addressing the folk NO LONGER PLAYING, then ipso facto that ain't gonna happen. Nor are they likely to be on this site reading your…
  • How do my neighbors make me feel? Well, the ones on the left are just fine, no problems at all, but the ones on the right, well ... I have to admit a bit of heartburn over those guys ... they have 6 cars. They park 2 in the driveway, one on the lawn fer cryin out loud! and the remainder streetparked in front of other…
  • Well, that's just the thing ... they normally do have a store update just for the 'end of event' takedown where the splash screen and any event-specific icons revert to normal. So ... yeah, this is very atypical ... they've never left the event splash screen up for so long after the official end of an event before.
  • Whacking Day. I think it was 2013 ... not really sure anymore ... TSTO was just released for Android, I loaded it up and was mystified and confused for days. By time I began to grasp the mechanics, the event ended. I got one special / event-related NPC ... the snake with a helmet. My very first NPC and I still keep him…
  • I don't want to burden the employment office or buildings with too many options, but I sure would like the ability to move tasks up or down in any given character's task list ... with some characters having half a dozen or more 4 hour tasks, I'd like the choice to assign one of those tasks as the default for when I use the…
  • Maybe the mystery vandal is someone you once accepted a neighbor request from but subsequently hid? I don't actually know how to tell if you have any hidden neighbors. But I've seen mystery neighbor taps in my SF from time to time over the years. It happens, but it usually goes away after a while.
  • "WINTER DOES NOT END UNTIL EARLY APRIL" ... in what part of the planet, Siberia? I live in California. Winter weather used to typically start around mid-October in my neighborhood and cease around the end of February. I've never understood why the solstice is considered the start of winter anyways ... it's clearly the…
  • I can't quite agree with that ... if you have the excavation zone from this past TreeHouse of Horror event, you can dig up tiki torches that give a .2 % bonus. I've gotten around 20 of them so far since the event. Completely free.
  • I don't know that's necessarily the case ... they overhauled the inventory system at least twice since the game began, and it didn't create or require any radical alteration of the game. But even so, we don't really need them to make any radical changes (like a search function or custom categorization feature?) ... just…
  • Been in it since 13, and I will never quit. This is the only game I play regularly because it is the only game that continues to entertain me. And this Xmas event is one of the best so far ... not *the* best, but maybe #2 or 3 at worst. :-D
  • I personally think the RNP is awesome. It goes nicely with J.Rigellian Christ's manger and the holiday skin for the Rigellian Queen ... I've got a messy but happy little Rigellian zone now all decked out for the holidays!
  • How big is it? Does it move or just stay in once place? Anybody able to post a pic of it in their town? If it's too small (easily lost in a crowded town) I probably won't buy it ... 1.5% bonus for 45 donuts is not a very good return when compared to the vault items (DMV limo gives you 2.25% for 35 donuts).
  • Just to chime in ... I've been playing TSTO since 2013 and I definitely have fond memories of the first 2, maybe 3, THoH events I played. Last year's event was not necessarily bad, but it was not a particularly memorable event for me. This year's event isn't something I hate ... it just makes me sad. Because it simply is…
  • All the past several events where we had to 'find waldo', there were always a huge number of bogosities that would stand behind buildings or other large objects. Some of the events had a function that would take you to untapped 'resources' but not all events / stages of events have that feature. In these cases I could only…
  • I understand you aren't too keen on listening to us **** and moan, but this is generally what it takes to get EA to pay attention to their customers. It's not like there's any other effective and public avenue of feedback. But then again, you clicked on the link. What did you expect based on the thread title? Yeah, this is…
  • Ah, I needed this screenshot, thanks. It flew past me so quick on the game, I misread the sign Marge was holding ... I thought it said "undo" when it actually says "unido" (united in Espanol). I was definitely scratching my head for a while there.
  • Ditto. Right after a new download appeared ... I am now thinking someone at EA pushed out a defective patch/update. Some retraining may be in someone's future.

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