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  • over 200 dollars? damn.....i thought it be in the 80 range at most. i guess i won't be getting this anytime soon. but damn that video, makes me want it more. lol
  • my god....i must have been super lucky with the wheel, all these horror stories astound me!! i had last year's stuff already (was missing 2 or 3 snowpeople but got em this time) but i managed to get all the new stuff on the wheel within 15-20 spins. i feel blessed!!
  • Did they? I missed that? I hope she stays even if she never speaks again. She's a classic[/quote] thats the tricky thing with Edna, they can't just make her disappear...she was Bart's teacher and more importantly Ned's wife....so if she does go away, there needs to be some explanation. they could easily replace her with…
  • if she does return, i imagine it'll be every now and again but nothing substantial. sorta like Apu's kids or Selma's daughter. there might be some marriage related episode to involve her more like Apu's wife but i dont imagine she'll be there every time we see him or anything.
  • they said the character would be voiced by an emmy winner....not sure if thats specific or vague after 25yrs but yeah. lol also we don't know if they mean they won an emmy for this show, or just someone won one for something in their career.
  • i made a whole "restricted area" around it...its surrounded by barb wire fences. i watch too much x-files i know. :P
  • plus stereotypes exists for a reason.....because those sorta people those stereotypes describe are real. lol
  • another thread got locked because someone dared ask about a PC version of this game so....me thinks the mods are getting trigger happy. lol
  • with all the touchscreen monitors these days, i am surprised there isn't a windows 8 (or 8.1) version.
  • only 6? well that explains why i havent seen donuts in a while, i still have a lot of land left but i've got about 6 so guess i reached the limit....damn!
  • ha...you beat me to it. i guess it pays to pay attention before posting. lol
  • http://www.cnet.com.au/official-lego-simpsons-house-revealed-339346321.htm there's been rumors of lego simpsons for a while now so no word if its officially official cuz god knows how good some people are with photoshop but...if this is real....very damn cool, i especially love the idea that the house opens up in the top…
  • that's why i always organize things as i add new buildings. i used to wait til they finished building but since you can see a "preview" and get an idea of the size and space. i now always build my area around each building before they are done. i havent done much rearranging and i don't plan to either. i know some people…
  • i already had all the christmas decorations and a couple snowmen from last year so my list wasn't as big as others. that said, i just got Barney's plow costume yesterday (it was the last one i had left) and i managed to get everything within about 15-20 spins without donuts. maybe i was lucky or maybe the wheel is just…
  • ah...so it must be a continent wide christmas/boxing day sale thing. cool.
  • well damn, how dare you make my deal seem less good. :P but seriously yeah wow, thats a pretty awesome deal for you!!!!
  • supposedly tomorrow gift bags will be worth double as some sorta christmas gift from EA. i imagine it'll only be for the one day so if you have a lot of friends, it be a great day to collect !!!
  • i guess i'm a bad neighbor because i just randomly tap whatever catches my fancy...and often its just the 3 closest buildings to my finger. i noticed since visiting this forum that some people take the game a little too seriously. down to deleting people because they aren't playing how they want them too. i understand…
  • the problem is the contracts have to specifically say their voices can be used outside of the show, even if they wanna simply use sound clips it still needs to be "legal" so to speak. it is very weird and annoying, especially in this multimedia age for shows and movies. you'd think all of these extras like games and…
  • oh ok...well thats good to know!!!
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