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So... there's this guide to Springfield? Well... I follow it.


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  • I haven't kept up at all unfortunately. If I loaded up my old profile, I'd be so far behind, I wouldn't know where to start. The only mobile game I've been playing in the last 4 years is recently Transformers Earth Wars. I can remember wanting that exact kind of game, when I was still hanging out here, and I have to say…
  • That's amazing. This whole time I've been away, I kind of hoped someone would take the reigns on this. I wasn't sure though, because updating the grid on that guide takes serious time. And that is before you even get to change everything around in your own game, which used to take me a solid day or two. Every time. Thank…
  • Far from it. Life has gotten drastically better. I quit my sales job, drove across the country, and now I work in film and television. Unfortunately I was too busy and too focused on survival to keep up with the updates. But I can at least say a lot of people on set used to play this game whenever they get a chance to…
  • Wowowow I was not expecting to see this project still going! But I should have known better. The guide is the guide, and OCD is OCD! Thank you so much @EllieGuseman and @rockyb2006 for keeping this thread updated after all these years! Geez, they still haven't given you any more land northwest of the mountains? That would…
  • Stuff like this makes me feel bad for completionists.
  • Pretty much the only time I come here now, is when we get a new strip of land, and I atleast attempt to help people wanting to model their towns after the springfield guide. So when you see my sig, you know I'm at work, measuring out new lines on the map. Its pretty much exactly what Donatello is doing... except in…
  • Not yet. Soon. I want both as well, but I don't need the treehouse skin that badly. I'll lose interest in it after the event. I'll always want the Falls.
  • Its literally the only thing in Act 2 I care about.
  • Yes. Way more iconic than the limo.
  • Oh Jeez... Thank you for pointing out the Krazy ****. I spent a very long time looking for that. I was debating wether or not to spend the donuts on it, because I could have sworn I've heard that name enough, while glossing over the guide, but I just couldn't find it again when I needed to, and I didn't spend the donuts.…
  • Also, FYI for those of you been waiting all this time for me to update my grid for the Springfield Guide, you can find the latest one in the link in my signature now. I haven't even begun to praise the new multi-item move tool that will help me align my own town with the updated grid, in a fraction of the normal time it…
  • Okay it has been a while, but lets see what I can do to help with this Casino Update. First, here is an updated list of all the added buildings in the guide: http://i.imgur.com/uZcm6Wy.jpg I did a complete overhaul of the red rectangles, because it was getting to be pretty cluttered. Those rectangles can now hold multiple…
  • If you're an American planning on moving to Canada if Trump wins, just please, please, please put in a vote against him before you do. We've got plenty of room up here, if you can survive the winter. Their might even be some extra vacancies, because if Trump wins, there will be many Canadians moving to Australia. But you…
  • Geez, if it says you banned, You might be on limited time left to say anything. I've seen it before, where the system just hasn't caught up to the ban ruling. Before you gone, let me give you some advice. If you're not sure why you're banned or if it's real, contact the more active mods and POLITELY ask why you're banned.…
  • I KNOW I've been asking for it for a while now, although not as organized a request as the casino thing was. I'm too lazy to look for all the instances I said it. But so far we got the land beyond the mountains like I asked. (They call it Springfield Heights, but I call it the Badlands.) We got plenty of items that look…
  • With the casino event out now, My next anticipated event is Badlands. I have big, big plans for badlands.
  • Great! Thanks for keeping track. :thumbup: I would have thought Cletus wins would give a better payout, but I guess the consistent wins from Moe give out more. Now I can make an informed decision.
  • Yeah.. That would be nice. But I'm done asking for more. They gave me everything I need now, and then some. This event content is almost exactly the way I envisioned it. Now that I can put Burns Casino on the boardwalk, its damn near perfect.

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