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  • store the buildings they are tied to and then place them again to release them from their tasks (other than Homer/Lisa, obviously; unless they are in an indoor task not at the Simpson house)... at least you can get some of them back to work that way.
  • unless that title is just a play on the album title itself (Surrealistic Pillow)
  • did the same here... bought the two rockers first since they were only around for a couple weeks, and since they both can earn currency it's also nice to get them early and on the job.... I'll nab BG in a few more days.
  • Kodos and Sons: Space Oddities (Bowie - Space Oddity) Sadgasm: Margerine (Bush - Glycerine) Sungazer: Me, Myself and You (multiple artists - Me, Myself and I... Billie Holiday, De La Soul, Beyonce, etc)
  • yeah, seems like you always get the ones that are the bottom of your wish list first.... had a nice chunk of donuts saved up for this one since I didn't have any of 'em.... picked up Ike and then hit the box... got the HQ first (of course), then Teddy/nat'l park, then Freedom/estate, then Lincoln/cabin... 51 donuts left so…
  • *still* waiting for the return of the Grumple (almost 4 years and counting) :p
  • I assume the vault is available regardless of level... check that for discounted deals on items. It will change every week through Sep, I believe; so you might see something you really want in there and get it for less than normal.
  • maybe that can be a new mini-game addition.... if you accidentally assign Arnie (or Norbert) to their flying tasks, you can use the police tank to shoot them down to clear that task (for the % of payout earned at that point) and then reassign them somewhere out of sight ;)
    in Rant Reply by C0rgano June 2017
  • look on the bright side, your small parts and standard sprockets choices could both be trash-only for 2 and 3 blueprints respectively ;)
  • same here... one of the nice things about events is it makes neighbors who no longer play stand out and easy to boot... if we get into a 2nd act and they haven't collected any event currency in act 1 or 2, I'll check their last login time to decide whether to keep them or not... (usually give a few week cushion but…
  • mine is still chuggin' away
  • by the end of the event, you'll probably have so many specimens piled up that burning 10K on that will be a good way to get rid of some
  • it's a car-hole!
  • non weiner walls were only 120
  • I thought he'd be white with pink eyes
  • as long as there are three things to tap when I visit, they can stick around in my neighbor list... I find my outskirts are becoming more haphazard as events come quicker and I don't have time to redesign, but there's only so much one can do....
  • I might save a daily task or two if I get to the last day and can't knock out another bonus round, but other than that I figure I'll complete things as they show up... finished act 1 with about 5 days to spare and should finish up act 2 today, so no reason to think act 3 will be any harder to complete.
  • just nabbed the 200 schematics prize on the track, so got a nice bump to level 4 on the upgrades (have 4 flowers, 1 bus stop, 3 mailboxes, 2 benchs, 1 atm and 4 manhole stations)
  • I got a chain link fence... does that mean I'm special? :p (yeah, like a Ralph Wiggum special I guess)

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