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  • NOW WHAT WILL I DO??????? lol In the middle of a major reconstruction in celebration of now owning all land tiles :\ My town is an utter mess with much in tucked in the inventory and there is nothing I can do!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!! I will just hope they are backing up their servers in preparation of an awesome Level 31…
  • I only got Lincoln's first task... nothing new prompted after that. Does certain characters need to be free to rush the Lincoln tasks along? Thanks for the help.
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :D
  • San Francisco, CA... iPhone 5... about 2 hours, not able to log in. I did try uninstalling, clearing cache, and re-installing. I had about 120MB worth of updates from the fresh install, and that even took several attempts to update (15MBs would download, then Bart... exit, reload, another 15 MBs would download, then Bart,…
  • After just 30-45 minutes of basic Googling I have dozens of working emails to EA corporate contacts, and actually 7 working phone numbers with a 650-area code (their headquarters) from executives in various positions. I called, they work... lol (voicemail, as it is Sunday today). So I'll give the EA Advisors and this fourm…
  • ( 6 5 0 ) 6 2 8 - 1 0 0 1 The forum filtered the phone number, try that. Closed Sundays. I will get my Duff Party Bus back. Will keep you all posted.
  • That's bull. They have 48 hours to respond to me by email or on this forum. I've also found a Toll number at their headquarters (15 minutes from my house)... it's *. I've just been browsing the forums, it is disgusting the way they treat their paying customers regarding their flaws and glitches. If I don't hear back from…
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