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  • My Girlfriend had this problem too. She was level 14 and was not able to buy this Gold scratcher. We wrote a Support Ticket -> standard questions from the supporter (relog, reinstall, logout/in, etc..) He was not able to help us, and wanted to send us to another company section of EA. One day later -> My Girlfriend reached…
  • Also try: 1. Uninstall the Game 2. Goto Settings -> iCloud (iOS) and disable saving of Simpsons Data 3. Reinstall the Game 4. Log in just as normal
  • same happened to me. Origin: Camato372.. Cannot connect.. A window shows up: German text: "Mann ich hasse dieses Fenster" -> "Man I hate this window" Mi Springfield had a rollback before. Can you please fix this?
  • When did the issue start? I recognized it yesterday 17:00 (German Timezone) Did you update to the latest client? Yes automaticly through iOS7 Automatic App updates What device are you on? iPhone5 and iPhone4 What did you lose? From Maximum Level + ~3 Bonus Level to Level 32 (nearly 1-2 month) I lose a lot of Premium deco,…
  • Same here, just logged in via shared Wifi from PC. Rollback is very huge to my account like two months ago or something like this. I wondered why I had to redo like 4 premium scratcher on login, I thought it was a bug, I was scared to pay again for it. The whole Halloween Event part is missing. I hope it will be fixed.
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