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Just who is Chibihalo you might wonder? I'm a thirty something amature photographer and graphic artist. I prefer going by Halo but I'll also answer to Chibi or Cheebs. I live in Illinois outside of Chicago. Aside from photography and graphics, I also enjoy biking, inline skating, swimming, hiking, and reading. My musical preferences lay in British pop and rock, Irish rock, 80s new wave, alternative, and modern rock. I also enjoy British comedies, light action flicks, and animated features.


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  • Not only this but I would go to the EA Help forum for the game and see if it's been addressed there because at least on that forum an EA rep actually responds to things like that. Characters still around without the buildings that give them to you would be a huge glitch because one of the fixes to a lot of issues with…
  • Patty and Selma with an eight hour walk Ling task. Plus, if we're counting Spucklers we need Mary. Heck, let's add all of Bart's crushes. Let's get Jessica Lovejoy in there too to help balance out the younger girls with the younger guys.
  • When designing your town take a moment to consider how an actual town functions with a residential section, green space, a business district, a municipal section, and an industrial park. Keeping this in mind will make placing your future buildings a lot easier. Also, make Homer play with his myPad, or lounge in the kiddie…
  • Unless I have a person on my list of neighbors I don't know how anyone who plays the game designs their town or plays the game. I can only guess that people got insane amounts of XP through holiday events, setting everyone on short hourly tasks, and the friends bonus glitch by simply going through their friends list one…
  • It's worth it as it adds to your restaurant stats and that means one less Gulp-N-Blow, Lard Lad, or Krusty Burger needed to keep that stat at a good level.
  • You're pretty much how I was being one level ahead of where the game has you. I had been on track for things before the friends bonus glitch and then I jumped ahead a level. The winter update and the Valentine's update with no jump to level 26 got me on track again.
  • Yeah, that holiday stuff really packs on the XP as does throwing up all those parking lots benches and trees.
  • I don't think the guy is ten levels ahead but I certainly didn't see anything you should be seeing in a level 24 town let along anything close to a level twenty town. I didn't really see a Moe's (unless I didn't look far enough for one), a police station, a prison, or a lot of the things you see by the time a person is at…
  • Some people for a while actually believed that if they had people who were all at a certain level they wouldn't have any issues with crashing. Then of course there was the bonus glitch with the friends and people wanted to ensure they'd have the best chances at getting good gold. There's the theory that if they get someone…
  • Bonus levels yet? I've only gone through one bonus level so far. And, thanks to the extra time we got with the winter update and the fact that Smithers and Burns weren't really needed for the holiday quests I was able to become a true level twenty-five.
  • Ba-zing! :wink:
  • Please oh please oh please oh please oh please DO NOT turn into a bunch of TSTO hipsters who bemoan that the game is effectively ruined because it's not longer iOS exclusive and the Android users are going to ruin the game. I went through that crud when Instagram added an Android version last year and I really don't want…
  • They were a Halloween limited time deal. With it you were given a black hole to place in your town. I put my black hole in storage next to my Mayan calendar and cemeteries.
  • When I get around to it my Supercollider is going to look a little more like Wilson Hall at Fermilab. There's going to be a pond and trees and maybe even some reflecting pools flanking the road to the entrance. So yeah, it's going to look a little something like this:
  • ^ This right here. You have to know when to go collecting your hearts from your neighbors or else you'll end up with no cards at all. If you're looking for cards in neighbors' towns you just might have to not have everyone be ready at the same time in order to time things to when they'll have cards available.
  • Okay I added the Channel Six crew. Not too thrilled with how Krusty came out but what can you do.
  • Blah Hans Moleman why must you have a very long phrase that you're known for? Animating didn't quite turn out right so I just did a regular still of Hans. Took way too long with it. Oh well, on to the television personalities.
  • Thank you for being your Homer to my Marge.
  • Okay back to my usual night of chatting, tapping, and working on avatars.
  • Then I'm the best neighbor of them all as I have everyone doing something all the time. That's right people who are my neighbors you can thank me for wanting a constantly active town for the ability to send my guys lots and lots of Valentines.

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