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I was born. I'm currently living. One day, I'll die. "Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so." ~Robert Ingersoll


  • I've played this game since the beginning, and certainly spent my share of money. My donut earning engine has been greased with real dollars, and even though I no longer need to buy donuts, I believe it's important to send a couple bucks to keep this game going. That said, $20 is too steep for a single character. $10 would…
  • Been playing for over a year, usually purge after events just to keep well designed towns, so I'd love it if yours already fit in that category. But I'm certainly not picky right now, as long as you're playing daily during Halloween. chuckelston
  • I will admit during my last "cleansing", I removed several friends who were either using hacked games, or had way too much money to waste. Honestly, either way it's just not fun to look at, or interact with.
  • I found the repetitive up and down of my finger to be tedious, although not difficult. I'm basically using skills I learned when I was two. Figuring out where to place the finger was also rather easy, I just had to look for thumbs, dollar signs, and snakes. I've never considered Tapped Out to be a game.
  • I just finished up the Wacking Day prizes (no boxes yet). I've got a reasonably nice town, some larger areas still need to be developed, but no eyesores. I'm pleased with it. I've cleared out some spots on my friend list, just removed some folks whose towns are a little messy. Ideally I'd just like to have a friend list…
  • I've noticed some strange stuff as well. It's not ideal, but I just downloaded the PC Origin app, and take care of that on my desktop. http://www.origin.com/download
  • Anyone who is getting 500% bonus has either put a ridiculous amount of money into the game already, or isn't going to start putting money into the game just because the bonus levels go away. I personally think they'll stay; it's a small reward for the average player.
  • Remember that you can always pay $50,000 for another "chance" at three donuts; as long as you have $100,000 standing by, you can always collect three donuts. You just might not need it every time. Yes, $500,000 is awful steep for just three donuts. But free is free.
  • I farmed early on, but I also kept to myself - no need to share my shame with neighbors. Then I added a bunch of neighbors for the holiday events, and rid myself of the farm, because money tends to pile up when you're not spending it. Of course, then they added the megabucks items, and more importantly to XP hoarders, the…
  • How about that. You're absolutely right. Bush $3.8 for 1 XP
  • I just did the math on three methods of gaining XP. In each circumstance, I took the cost of the item, and subtracted the money I would get for selling it. I then divided that by the amount of XP I received. In the case of the Brown House, I did not keep it long enough to collect anything from it, since it's practically…
  • I had to try it once. 6 donuts. Which is essentially the price for the lowest amount of donuts in the store (1.99 for 12). I probably won't do it again.
  • Will someone please figure out who came up with this fix, so I can begin to worship them?
  • I knew I was supposed to get like 22,000 XP when finishing El Chemestri, and it shouldn't have put me to the next level, but it did. I collected two donuts, and went to visit friends, and then when I came back to my town, I crashed. That's when the harpies began. I tried for two days on my iPad 3 and iPhone 4s to get back…
  • I have to say I believe we'll see a fix sooner rather than later, basically because money talks. Yes, it does seem to affect mostly people who have maxed out their levels, but those are the people who are most likely to spend money. And while there doesn't seem to be a ready user end fix, the one fix that's available…
  • My advice is to keep collecting, and hold onto them until the end of the month. We might get an update before then, which might require hearts, or we might be given the chance to use the hearts in some manner similar to the Christmas coins. If neither thing happens, just buy a whole ton of rose bushes on February 27th.
  • Seriously? Wishing for more voice acting is lame? And takes brains to comprehend? Look, I understand why EA might not wish to pay the extra money, but voicing your desire for something in the game shouldn't be construed as feeble minded.
  • I like the idea. I'm more troubled by the placement of Moe's front door. "Watch that first step, it's a doozy!"
  • First off, I'm surprised so many people play it with the sound off. I'm particularly nonplussed because I'm usually the one who turns off the sound, or at least the music in most games I play. I even leave the music on (albeit quieter) just because it adds so much to the feel of the game. I play several times a day, and…
  • I don't think any character who isn't voiced should cost 90 donuts. That said, I paid it like a sucker.

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