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  • Hey! I need some new friends for the Easter event! Level 39. Daily player and collector. Been playing since day one and have at least one of everything in-game. This event will be tough to achieve that again so help a fellow Springfielder out! Add me yo. Same name in game. Thanks!
  • Read it again. Slowly this time if it helps. EA lowered the community total recently because of an error thus making it easier to achieve the prizes. I, for one, am not convinced either way that the counter is rigged or not rigged, but I digress. There is (or was) ZERO reason to ever think that they weren't going to dole…
  • YOU WILL GET THE COMMUNITY PRIZES. All of them. It's absurd to keep thinking that you won't. This thread needs more Josh and less stupid.
  • You're right. I'll just go back to playing the game while never complaining about it. And I didn't know that people STILL valued post-count as a vital and important part of forum-posting. Wow. The things you learn.
  • You're paranoid. And making mountains out of molehills. You could just stop playing.
  • Hi. Same name in-game. Level 37 daily player. been playing since Day One and have collected at least one of everything in-game (except for the Xmas stuff I haven't gotten my paws on). I've spent a lot of time on my town and you should too. If you just have a clump of buildings or hundreds of houses as farms, I'll delete…
  • Seeking to add friends for the upcoming Xmas event. Level 37 daily player. Been playing since Day 1. I usually stay off the forums because, well, have you SEEN the Christmas threads? Crikey. Bit of a collector and a completist as I have at least one of everything in the game. Currently sitting on over $11 million to spend…
  • I love elitism. Add me. Username: DApichell. Level 25 with all premium items (I think). In about a day or two I'll have maxed out the land purchases so I can start putting my town together for reals and start saving for the big-ticket million $$ items.
  • Need new neighbors with the Valentine's update. I'm Level 25. I believe I have everything in the game so far with the exception of the V-day stuff and new content added this week. Username: DApichell
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